Is He Suppose To Move Alot

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tracy - May 30

how often is the baby suppose to move around? some people say the reason why he is not moving so much is because he is running out of room in there is it true?


Rosa - May 30

I am 28 weeks pregnant and my baby doesn't move alot. People tell me he will be a very quiet baby. Every time he moves it is very faint and I hardly notice.


Lisa - May 31

I am 32 weeks now and I have not felt all the baby gymnastics that people talk about. I do feel the baby move but sometimes it is faint as long as you feel it 10 - 12 times a day thats OK according to my midwife., at a recent appointment they monitored my babies heartbeat for 30 mins and I was told that it was textbook, I think that all babies are different some move alot others not so much, dont worry! and good luck


~S~ - May 31

My baby is the same as Rosa's. Sometimes I get worried and so does my bf. He thinks we're having a "lazy" baby. My gf just had her baby and she felt her kicking hard at 5 months and she was constantly kicking, whereas my baby is very quiet and it's kicks are very small. Every now and then he/she might move around for about 5 mins straight, but after that, he/she is quiet as can be. Hopefully this does mean I'll have a quiet baby.


Well... - May 31

When I was pregnant with my daughter 2 years ago, she was also a quiet baby in utero. Since then though she is a house on fire. I am currently 40 weeks pregnant with my 2nd son and he is hardly ever still. Hope this will mean the total opposite and he will be calm and quiet when he gets here. Good Luck to you all!


kate - June 3

I'm 34 weeks and worry constantly about the lack of movement I'm feeling. My midwife says that the heart beat is great and the baby is the right size but that doesn't stop me worrying that there will be something wrong. It's rea__suring to hear that I'm not the only one with a quiet baby!!!!


KellyB - June 3

I am 31 weeks (tomorrow) and she moves all the time!!! It seems the further in my preg. that I get the more active she is (and stronger!!). She may be running out of room but she is trying to kick her way out!


anne - June 3

im 32 weeks tomorrow and like kelly's baby mine acts like he/she has all the room in world. moves more than ever. boy oh boy, sometimes i think a rib will be kicked outl ol


Ana - June 3

I am 36 1/2 weeks and my baby moves so much that it hurts specially my ribs. I can also see like a little ball moving below my ribs in my right side, I think is her little foot.


cristy - June 4

i am 29 weeks and the little guy acts like he's crazy in there, he moves all the time, especially when i lay down at night to sleep, i can sit and watch my belly jump out a mile when he kicks hard and feel something in there rolling and watch it move across my belly. well good luck to ya'll.


Lisa - June 5

Does having a quiet baby mean tha something could be wrong? My baby moves around but not in the energetic way that alot of women on here are describing could that mean that there is anything wrong or is baby just quiet??



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