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KRISTINA - December 7

Is it just me or have the threads on here become boring lately? Maybe its just that I have already discussed every pregnancy problem, but it seems like not as many people are posting and the problems are all the same old thing :)


margie - December 7

oh i dont know about that...but i think we're all just getting to that point where we're in the waiting stage and want our babies on our arms soon! thats where i am at least...i was so excited on monday to tell everyone i had dialted to 3cm and was almost totally effaced, i had a b___t load of cramps this week and thought i was going into labor once...which was exciting...for a few im just getting really anxious and getting kind of sick of the anticipation, im scared of labor and yet at the same time ready to get it over with so i can have my baby. i guess youre right besides those frustrations im not sure i have much to say lately :-)


KRISTINA - December 7

Just seems like I see a lot of questions that go unaswered, at least for a little while. Well i am only 33 weeks, so I still have close to 2 months. Seems like forever. I wish it was January already. Dont be scared of labor. Im not going to lie and say that it doesnt hurt, but you will get through it fine and have a new baby to show for it.


margie - December 7

I am really anxious, its pretty much ALL i can think about is having this baby, I'll be 38 weeks in a couple days according to their due date, but I happen to know when i concieved because it could have been only one day so I am actually thinking I'm going to be 39 weeks in a couple of days. I've been pregnant just about literally the whole year... I found out I was pregnant January 2nd of this year and then had a miscarriage in the middle of February, then got pregant again in March (found out in April) so I've had a long year of anticipating being a mother and I'm sooooo ready!!!


jennifer_33106 - December 7

I think it actually has a lot to do with Christmas. People have been out and about doing holiday shopping. Also this is probably one of the most family oriented holidays there is and it seems people become closer as a family during this time of year compared to any other. When are you Due? I am due Feb. 22.


cayingo - December 7

Please don't take this the wrong way, but maybe you have spent too much time reading and researching. Now there's nothing else to interest you. Try taking a break from the internet (it can be so obssessive anyway with the wealth of info and topics) and come back in a few days to see if something new has emerged. ????


KRISTINA - December 9

Cayingo, I totally agree with you, I spend WAY to much time on the internet and thats why I int_tled the thread "is it just me". I am in the Air Force and I work behind a desk at the moment. All the planes from my base left for a few months and we have NOTHING to do at the moment. So when you have hours and hours everyday to do nothing but surf the net you gotta find something intresting.



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