Is It Just Me Or Are Doctors More Lax About Induction

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MommyMeg07 - February 8

My doctor said he would induce me literally any day after my due date that I wanted to be induced. I grew up thinking that you got induced when you were overdue enough that they were worried about it. Is it just me? Does this seem strange to anyone else? I guess maybe they just think it's safe now.


Jadejewels - February 8

I was under the impression that doctors induced more often now for a number of reasons. I was mentioning to a family member that I was thinking of asking my doctor if they'd induce me maybe a week or two early due to the fact that I was just told at my last appt that I am measuring very large and I'm only about 32 weeks. I'm having a boy and My first boy was 9 lbs and I know that this may not seem very large for some, compared to what babies are being born today, but for me it was really bad, since for some reason my body doesn't seem to take to epidural all that much. Anyway this family member told me that there was no way in God's creation that a doctor would induce for such a reason. What do you all think? And do you think it's wrong for me to even want to consider discussing this with him? Just curious....


DDT - February 8

I would never be induced until after my due date...firstly, because your dates may be off (late ovulation ect) and baby's lungs may not be completely ready. Why would a person take that risk. I realize that sometimes induction is very necessary (eg. GD). MommyMeg07: I does seem like doctors are becoming more lax about inductions. Unnecessary medical intervention like some inductions creates a spiral effect where more and more medical intervention is necessary. Look at how many inductions end up as C-sections. Inductions create a more intense labour which can put stress on baby increasing his/her heart rate. Well, thats my two cents...


Lala - February 9



Jadejewels - February 9

Well thank you for your thoughts on the matter. I wasn't really sure how I was feeling about it. I only even considered bringing it up because when I did have my son I had such a hard time that after he was born there were some complications. I guess I'm just really afraid of going through the same thing that I went through with him. It is so much to get into so I won't get into every detail but I'm very worried. My daughter came two and a half weeks early and she of course was smaller and it was just so much more of a pleasent time. I don't mean for me I just mean in general. My daughter was able to be with me for feedings and roomed with me as well. Where as with my son it was a nightmare from start to finish! Oh well I guess I just have serious worries due to a past bad experience. I'll get over it, what choice do I have!! :0)


cindernar - February 9

I think they are more lax. Whether they're too lax, I guess that's a matter of opinion. I don't see the big deal if you're anywhere close to your due date. I'm more concerned about the baby having a bowel movement and dying from meconium aspiration, which is more likely to happen in babies who are "overdue." My doc said he won't induce before 39 weeks unless it's absolutely necessary. My best friend and I both had ours at around 38 weeks, and we knew exactly when we ovulated. Both of our babies were big (almost 9 pounds each) and very healthy. I guess every situation is different, though.


starlight_94 - February 9

I was incduced 2 weeks early due to being very uncomfortable, and it turns out that my son was 8lbs 10.4 oz 21inches long....had I waited I would have had to have an emergency c section, b/c he would have been 10lbs and I am a small girl!!! No complaints about inducing!!!! Bravo to my dr.


MommyMeg07 - February 9

Thank you to everyone for your advice. It's really nice to hear that not every induction is terrible - it looks like I might be headed down that road. Thanks so much to all, I'd love to hear more!


MommyMeg07 - February 9

I read a lot today about induction, and I read that sometimes it causes more stress to the baby and it raises the risk of having a C-section. Do y'all agree with those two things? Have you or do you know a lot of people who were induced and ended up having to have a C-section?


Tammy276 - February 10

I think they are doing more and more inductions but sometimes I think it is best for the baby...especially when it comes to being overdue. sometimes it is worse for the baby to stay in the womb because the placenta starts to deteriorate (sp).. I was induced w/ my son a week early because I was so READY TO BE DONE!! I was already 3cm and 100% effaced and I am a small girl and my doctor didn't want me having a big baby..He was 7lbs 1oz and I was in labor for about 6 hrs..If needed, I would definately do it again. You hear about more c-sections w/ getting induced because a lot of doctors will induce before the body is ready for when you are not dialated or effaced at all......


MommyMeg07 - February 10

Yeah, I guess that would make sense - about them inducing before the woman is ready resulting in more C-sections. I am also a small-framed girl, I'm 5'1" and normally about 115 lbs. Maybe that's why he's telling me he'll do it ANY time after 40 weeks?? He didn't tell me the reason really... I am 1-2 centimeters dilated - but that seems like NOTHING to me. He didn't tell me if I was effaced. I'm going for my weekly on Wednesday if I haven't had her by then (I'll be 39 weeks 5 days) he's going to go ahead and schedule a date. I wouldn't be surprised if he induced ON my due date (Friday, Feb 16) b/c I think those are his surgery days. I'm just so scared of being induced!!


Selena - February 10

I was induced with my dd at 38 wks and everything went great. The reason for the induction was that my bp kept fluctuating AND I wanted my Mom to be present. Labour was a quick 5.5 hours and dd was very healthy at 5lbs 6oz. She needed no extra care and was bf at less than an hour old. I am now preg with a boy and 36 weeks and am very much considering an induction again if we get to 38 weeks. Sometimes scheduling a birth is what works best for everyone involved and this is why I think more drs. are inducing. For me I now have to worry about my Mom getting here from 6 hours away, dh being close by(he works sometimes far from home), and getting someone to stay with dd. Scheduling has a serious appeal!


Jadejewels - February 10

ok so they do induce to avoid babies being born too large. I thought that they may have but the response I recived from ffamily members was so negative that I thought maybe I was crazy. I was under the impression that being born larger puts more stress on the baby during the actual delivery. when I had my son it was so hard for me to push him out that his heart rate was dropping and by the time I finally did get him out he was having irregular breathing. That is the main reason why I figured a couple of weeks early was no big deal.........


MAT - February 12

Good for you for researching it! I read recently that a normal pregnancy used to be considered up to 42 that all the drugs are available, doctors seems to like to have you done by 40 weeks! Personally, my preference would be to wait for labor to occur naturally - induced contractions are much more painful. All the women I know who were induced ended up with C-sections, but that isn't a scientific study :-). The question is why do they want to induce? If there is a sign that there is something wrong with the baby then it makes sense. If it is scheduling for the doctors convenience, I would think twice about it. A great question to ask if you are unsure...what is the risk of waiting another few days or an extra week?


mommybabyboy21 - February 12

I agree that dr seem to be pushing inducing more lately but I think it also has to do with our impatince socitiy. I was two weeks late and the dr later told my mom it was a good thing because my mom and the dr didn't know that we had different blood types and the extra two weeks I was in the womb allow my liver to muture...I personally hope my dr will let my lo deciede when to come because I don't know what the fathers blood type is (he doesn't either not that he has seen me, or talk to me, since I was two month along). And I also heard induced contractions hurt more and ever person I know personal that has been induced also ended up with a c-section after 20+ hours of labor. Yuck.


sahmof3 - February 12

I was induced at 41 weeks, 6 days. They were afraid the placenta would start to deteriorate. I think that it depends on the doc... some are impatient...but, some do it only when they feel it's the safest thing to do. Obviously since mine let me get to almost 42 weeks he was the latter lol. Anyway, I don't know if you can prove which comes first in all cases... is there a pre-existing condition that is causing labor to not pick up as it should AND that is also making a c-section more likely from the get-go (ie: the person would end up with a c-section eventually whether induced or not). That was my case. I later found out that I have scarring of the cervix from a D&C for m/c... so I was one of those who had a long 24 hour induced labor and eventual c-section, BUT the induction didn't cause the c-section, the inability to dilate did. There was no way to know this in advance without an u/s to specifically look for it, but before my labor there was no reason to look... kind of a catch 22. So, see what I mean? If someone has a condition that is unseen and that will make labor very difficult, if not impossible, their induction will fail, but that c-section can't really be chalked up to the Pitocin... it was going to end that way regardless. It's hard to say what % of inductions that end in c-sections have these type of things going on that noone could know about ahead of time. My neighbor was induced with her last baby at 37 weeks because her veins in her legs are basically shot (this was her 5th baby) and doc felt it was becoming unsafe for her because of the amount of swelling and inability to walk. She was induced and has the baby about 5 hours later... no complications. It can really help people along when they need it and conditions are right, but it's not right for everyone. I am happy to see that most docs now wait until a woman is a few cms dilated on her own. That's good!!!! I wasn't dilated.. in fact in my whole labor I only got to 1/2 cm... I don't think they should have ever attempted it... I probably should have just been sent for a scheduled c-section, but things were different 6 1/2 years ago.... that's one thing I am glad to see changing!!!


cindernar - February 12

I was induced and did not need a C-section, as was my best friend. I have another friend who was induced and did need a C-section. However, she has a very narrow pelvis, and I think that's why she needed a section. If my doctor will let me, I'll consider it again.



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