Is It Noraml

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kellyflynn - March 5

ok well yesterday i had s_x and iam 37 week and then i got realyl sore then this moring after i had a bm i stared to bleed at first itwas really red then it went kinda pink then brown and it was like in a muscus kinda think is that noralm cuz it say u can bleed after having se x then it stoped and should i ask my doc like iam really uncompterbul asking him i would much ratehr a femal and like my mom ushally comes with me but she aw ay a nd iam now going in alone so should i ask him or not?(btw iam only 16 so thats why my mom coming in with me) sorry it's so long


missycc4 - March 5

Ask your Dr. thats why he's there. You shouldn't feel unconfortable. From the other post I've read its normal unless you keep bleeding. It could have been your mucus plug to. I hear you can lose that after s_x. Again ask your Dr.


mary b - March 5

Where was the blood coming from you a__s or your v____a?? I'm confused...if it came from your v____a, it should be fine..your far enough the way you should really start being open completely w/ your doctor, TRUST ME it is the best way for them to give you the best care they can...not telling them things will only hurt you in the end...they have seen and heard it ALL..


AshleyandAverysmom - March 5

if I had to guess I would say its your mucus plug.. I think its very important for you to call your Dr. Ive read that once you lose your mucus plug you should not have s_x b/c of infection. I absolutly agree that you should open up to your Dr. He cannot tell your mom anything you do not authorize him to tell. And do not be embarra__sed..he has seen and heard it all.


kellyflynn - March 5

it's not that iam embarredssed it jsut i don't want him to do a interal exam cuz my mom not there with me and i never had one b4 and it stop like it only happen after and it wasn't like it was comingo ut muxch at all only when i went pee and that was really it and it hasn't happen again thaknk for uie advie


babyonboard16 - March 11

okay youre 37 weeks pregnant and have never had an internal exam? that seems a little odd to me. you need to be honest with your doctor dont be so scared, i was the same way and im 16 too.


Tammy276 - March 11

If you are pregnant, why have you not had an internal exam before? You should have had one early in your pregnancy.........If your a big enough girl to get pregnant and have a baby, then you should be a big enough girl to get an internal exam with out your mommy being there...Sorry, I don't mean so sound harsh about it, but you are 16, an internal is not that big of a deal and if you have a male doctor, there will be a nurse in there with you anyway.



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