Is It Normal For Peehole To Burn Constantly

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crystal74 - March 3

my peehole is constantly buring like i have to pee, so i go and it's trickle trickle. i went to the dr. for this about a month and half ago and they said nothing was wrong, no infection. but it's so annouying. i woke up in the middle of the night, went pee and it wouldn't stop burning. so i had to take a shower just to relieve the pain. then got no more sleep. is this normal or commen? i'm past my due date by two days, does it mean something? thanks for your help


Tammy276 - March 3

I don't know but I just started having the same problem yesterday and it is driving me crazy!! I go to the doctor on Monday so I am hoping it is not a UTI...I am just trying to drink lots of water until got a bit better after I took my shower today, but now its back to the same...and I feel like I have to pee ALL THE TIME, even right after I am done and I know I am emptied....I am 36w2d.


crystal74 - March 4

i too have a dr. appt on monday, so we'll see what they say. last week she said there was protein in my urine for the first time. maybe that has something to do with it??


mary b - March 4

Sounds like a UTI, can u see another doc for a second opinion?


Val - March 4

It does sound like a UTI... seems odd that your doctor hasn't addressed it further. Drinking cranberry juice might help - whenever I've felt a UTI coming on, I drink it and it heads it off. May not help since you've been having these symptoms for a while but it can't hurt. (It's a common natural remedy/prevention for UTIs).


Logansmom - March 4

This definatly sounds like a UTI. I work in a lab and see this all the time. They usually take it pretty serious when you are pregnant. They did check your urine when you went to the doc.They should just put you on some antibiotics.


SaraH - March 4

I'd have to agree that it really sounds like a UTI.


fallen_angel4155 - March 4

this may sound stupid and i am sorry in advance but what is a UTI what does it stand for?


Tammy276 - March 5

UTI = Urinary Track Infection


crystal74 - March 5

well i don't have an infection, everything is fine. once again, she said it's because baby is pushing down on the bladder causing pain. i found that warm baths help relieve it. and as long as i keep my bladder empty at all times even if its tinkle tinkle here and there, it helps



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