Is It Ok Not To Be Dilated Yet

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sophia - August 3

Ok I'm 38 wks and I went to the doctor on monday, he checked if I was dilating yet and he said I wasnt. I will be 39 wks this friday and I have my next appointment on monday again, I am just scared that nothing has changed yet, I am due nest friday the 12th and I am scared i will go over my due date. so far I havent had no pains or cramps, nothing and this is my first baby, can someone help me please!!!!!


naomi - August 3

Is this your first baby or second?


sophia - August 3

its my first


Eryn - August 3

Are you 100% positive when you conceived? Otherwise your due date might be off by a week or two.


miranda - August 3

you don't have to dilate before labor begins. Some people do and some don't. There is no way to know when labor will happen, although I admit it is rea__suring when you do see signs, it doesn't mean you will necessarily go past your due date. Just hang in there, and walk a lot. I walked constantly the last few weeks of my first pregnancy and I think it helped me.


Jen A - August 4

I am 40 weeks and 4 days and I haven't even started to eface let alone dialte, my midwife said a good % of women don't have any change to their cervex until labour begins, so don't worry


amanda - August 4

we're exactly the same, i'm 39 weeks now but at 38 i wasn't dialated at all, next appointment is tomorrow. due on the 13th!!! i cry if i go in not dialated this time!!!! ugh, but it will happen soon enough right!


Julie - August 4

I went for my 39 week appt. and wasn't dialated at all and a couple of days later my water broke so I don't think you have to be dialated.


sophia - August 4

thanks to all of you, I feel much better, I just want the baby out, sometimes I feel like if my stomach is about to explode, but hopefully on my next appointment on monday I would be dilated, thanks


tara - August 4

I just went to the doctor today. i will be 39 weeks on sat. i am barely dilated to 1 and my doctor thinks that i will go over my date which is the 13th, and i have already gained 54 pounds so i am kinda worried too.


Narthax - August 4

Hi Gals i'm 39 weeks and 2 days went in to the dr two weeks ago and was a finger tip went in today still a finger tip. i have fibromyagia and am soooo ready to have this baby. thank you to all of you for being arround so we can all comiserate together.


Michelle - August 5

I never dialted at all. Ended up having a c-section. My daughter never dropped completely and never dialated for 7 weeks. Tried everything. Some women just don't dilate. Not saying that you will have a c-section. But this was my experience.


Amie - August 8

I'm alittle behind you guys at 36 weeks. But by this time with me first two I was dialated to 2cm. This time nothing yet. Sigh. I hate the not knowing when the baby will come!


Shannon - August 9

I have learned that a lot of times with a first child a woman won't dialate until right before labor. With my first I was dialated 1 cm and went into labor the next day. But with my second its been much different I am 39 weeks and I've been dialated 1 cm for 2 weeks.



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