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MARIA - May 20



??? - May 20

Why would it not be ok to go to the movies??


as - May 20

as long as u dont get disturbed and scared and stressed and if u r comfortable sitting there, ur fine


monica - May 20

no question is stupid. Maria, I dont think that it is bad for your baby or yourself maybe your baby can get starled at the loud noise but baby will be fine. I do not recommend going to the movies in your third trimester because like me I get restless legs and cant be sitting for very long. I need to go to the bathroom a lot also. I went in my second trimester and could not sit down for the entire movie. I felt my stomach was getting squach. If you dont have any of these issues then go and enjoy a movie,. It will be a while after baby comes that you will be able to go.


Kristin - May 20

That is not a stupid question at all. In fact my doctor told me not to enthrill myself in gory or scary movies or let myself sit in those seats for long periods of time, as this can cause stress!


m - May 21

I have been going to the movies through out my pregnancy. I'm now 28 weeks and can't sit in those movie theather seats for that long because it hurts my back. But if you can sit comfortablely you should have no problem.


sol - May 21

Well Maria, your question isn't stupid - only some answers are :) I know that I don't go to the movies, the reason being that it is way too loud - I'm just very conservative on that. Do as you feel Maria. And good luck :)


Jbear - May 22

The only problem I had going to the movies while pregnant is that I had to get up several times throughout the show to go to the bathroom. Also the theater was stinky...


Yuva, India - May 22

Also going to movies has risks a__sociated with crowd & any unexpected happening. TV viewing in the comfort of home is ideal!


mel - May 22

i just went to see star wars 3 and had to use the washroom twice but other than that i was fine though out the movie i am 35 weeks and 5 days so go if your okay with sitting there good luck


mommy o 3 - May 22

why wouldn't it be. you'll only miss parts here and there when you have to go to the bathroom.


Kristin - May 23

First of all I didnt ask a d__n thing, I simply responded to a question, which is what you did. And the question was is it okay to go, wello f course its ok to go, there are things that you should know though. Give me a freaking break.


Kristin - May 23

Actually you wrote to Monica and Kristin, so it most certainly looks like you are including me??? Or am I too ignore posts that have my name in the message line? Genious thinking there. Dont worry you didnt hurt my feelings, just made yourself look like a bigger a__s!


Enjoy - May 24

Going to the movies on any day you like WITH baby. Soon enough you will be relegated to Tuesday afternoons with the rest of the mommies with small children.:(


alex - May 25

I'm 37 weeks and went to see star wars 3 with my husband. I got up 3 times to tinkle. Durring the battle scenes the baby kicked alot. I did get a few funny looks though. All in all it was nice to get out of the house on a date with my husband.


Melissa - June 13

I too went to see Star Wars 3 and the theater was so loud. My baby moved quite a bit from the noise but nothing too bad. I just made sure I sat close to the exit and I'm glad I did because I'm 37 weeks and needed to use the bathroom twice during the movie. Enjoy the movies as much as possible before the baby arrives. And there is no such thing as a stupid question! Chances are someone else has the same question in mind. Good luck!


Jen - June 13

It was and still is a stupid question. Why wouldn't it be OK to go the movies. Unless you elaborate what you mean Maria, the question appears flakey.



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