Is It OK To Have Orgasm By Masturbating Often 36weeks

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M - January 12

Hi, I know some of you might think I am not normal but I am 36 weeks and still want s_x (but my boyfriend only wants it once in a while, more like once a week...or less). Is it Ok to m____ee???


aj - January 12

As long as your not at risk for preterm labor I think so. I do! I am 38 weeks and the further along I get, the more contractions it brings on.


Girl Gilly - January 12

there is nothing abnormal about you so get that thought right out of your head!! They say that s_x is okay so I can't see why masturbation wouldn't be. If you are really worried about it ask your Dr. I know it's a hard thing to ask though. Enjoy!


Ashley N - January 13

lol, i know what you mean about people thinking you aren't normal .... my husband still calls me s_xy and wants it, I don't really FEEL that hot anymore, but I still crave it, pretty much daily. At 34 weeks I'm trying not to go solo as often b/c he does still want it! If your bf's drive isn't where yours is, I say go for it... :)


hotluv - January 13

I sure hope so because I do it a lot!!!! I am 35 weeks!


mel - January 13

HAHA. me too. my man travels alot. something's gotta give. LOL>


Ginny - January 13

I say go for it! On top of relieving stress and just feeling good, it'll keep those muscles healthy. Win - win - win situation.


andrea - January 13

See you're not abnormal-look at everyone's responses. I still do, but it makes my stomach really hard afterwards. I wasn't sure if that was good for the baby, but I'm sure their is nothing wrong with masturbating.


Ollie - January 13

I enjoy it , sometime it is better then dealing with my husband and since being pregnant it feels ten times better. I have been so h__y it is not funny. I am at 30 weeks . I even have had dreams of being with the same s_x ,which i had never had before. i just it is the overflow of hormones . Any one else experience that ?


Monique - January 13

I do it because I need it and my husband isn't home or really tired. I want to have s_x like I use to with my husband in all position . i miss the intamacy with him not being able to be on top and right now me on top is not comfortable.


Meredith - January 13

I did throughout both pregnancies, and I still had s_x. I found it easier to do it by myself because I was not so self-conscious, but I still wanted the real thing, too.


oh yea - January 13

I think I have masturbated more during this pregnancy than I have over the past 5 years! AND I have been turned on by not only p___n but "girl on girl" p___n. I've even caught myself downloading some girlie stuff online. It's good to hear others say this cause I was starting to feel like a perv. I'm certainly not a lesbian and I don't even know what it is about it that turns me on....its so strange. Anyway, I totally think masturbating is 100% safe, infact, you should masturbate. I just wonder if this "p___n" thing is going to pa__s after the baby is born or if I'll always be this into lesbian p___n. Any comments on this would be great!!


to oh yea! - January 14

Me into girl on girl action now...but I think it is because I feel more unattractive now than ever and really love to see a beautiful female form getting off. The best s_x I ever had was pre-pregnancy when I thought I was hot. Now, since I feel so yuck about my body I just love seeing gorgeous women getting it on. are not the only one. If it was not for my masturbation I think my stress would be through the roof!


Mika - January 14

Same boat. I masturbate everyday and often thinking about a beautiful women just taking me by surprise... I am not a lesbian , but my hormones are doing tricks on me. I feel better knowing I'm not alone.


Thank YOU!!! - January 15

Same here with girl on girl and could easily masturbate several times a day. I am so happy to hear it is not just me. If anything I think the orgasm puts the baby to sleep. Hope she doesn't end up a nympho!


LOL - January 15

I'm the same way, hehe, just thought it was me


buzz............ - January 15

Do you think it is ok to use a vibrator for c___toral stimulation, I am 32 weeks along and love to use it a few times a week, but when I orgasm my bump gets really hard. I am too embara__sed to ask my doc.........



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