Is It OK To Have Orgasm By Masturbating Often 36weeks

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buzz............ - January 15

Do you think it is ok to use a vibrator for c___toral stimulation, I am 32 weeks along and love to use it a few times a week, but when I orgasm my bump gets really hard. I am too embara__sed to ask my doc.........


yungmama - January 16

you are definately not alone. I don't find myself getting off as easy when having s_x. I still enjoy the intamacy w my bf but it doesn't feel as good right now. Also, orgasms will cause your uterus to contract and that is why you will feel your stomach get hard immediately afterward.


kuhaaica - January 17

my stomach gets hard afterwards too, hmmm werid


climbergirl - January 17

all you gals with your s_x drive! I have to say I am jealous! I have pretty much zero s_x drive and it has been that way since about 3 months. i'm at 37 weeks now, and my poor husband is just hanging in there. I take care of him in other ways several times a week so that we are still close, but I could do without. I sure hope I get back to normal after delivery! We used to have such and awesome s_x life!! I want it back!


tiffany - January 17

climbergirl-I am the same way, I have a very low s_x drive. I don't want to do anything unless I really want to, so my poor dh goes w/o. I mean, we're intimate once or twice a week, but that's it. Right now it just hurts too much, he'll just have to deal though. :-)


OH!! - January 21

Due to having a miscarriage last year I haven't had penetrative s_x (didn't want any risk whatsoever) since I found out I was pregnant (now 27 weeks), but I have gotta say I am incredibly responsive to my own touch! I have never become so aroused, come so hard or so easily ever before, and I have also gotta say I think I get off on the selfish aspect, ie just lying back and thinking of my own pleasure and not thinking about anyone else's! I do miss penatrative s_x with my DH but there is lots of time for that when I don't have a bump that could be squashed or a cervix that could be bumped. In the meantime, there is a lot of moaning going on in this house when I am alone in it!! I think if you want it you should do it, I also agree about keeping muscles in tip top shape.


Daytona - January 21

I just had a operation to remove a cyst and a ovary..and am not allowed s_x for another 2 weeks...and even if i do after that it has to be very minimum :( i feel sorry for my boyfriend lol.


~ - January 22

sick sick sick. has no one any self control anymore?


Amber - January 22

To: ~ Self control? Whats that? Id rather keep myself content and get some uterine exercise in than be bored and un satisfied! You have no idea what you are missing!


Sarah - January 22

HAHAHAHA....sick? oh my god, are there still prudes who think masturbation is wrong? It's your body, why do you think it is sick? I feel sorry for you! Get out of your villiage and buy a good book. I suggest "The Art of the Female Orgasm" by Kim Cattrall. You'll be a different woman :)


No thanks. - January 22

I'm a Christian woman and know that m is wrong, period. Besides, why would I want to be a slave to my s_xuality? I'd rather be able to control myself and avoid the possibility of going to hell. But you can do what you want.


Samantha - January 22

=0 No thanks- Im shocked! NO its not wrong.. its normal thing to do. Its your body, and u can do anything with ur own body. Theres nothing wrong with it. Dont u have s_x much?


Sarah - January 22

I feel so sorry for you NO THANKS....I believe in God too but not in a God who would send you to a "man made up" Hell for touching the body "HE/SHE" gave you in "HIS/HER" own image....the only sin here is how brainwashed you are. May I suggest you read the book "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh...It was the first book about God that made me believe in "God". Ok, we are getting off topic here, the question was will it hurt her physically and NO IT WON'T. I don't think she cares about how you feel about it personally. To ~M~ I wish you many wonderful orgasms (hehe).


Lyd - January 22

I feel bad for No thanks, too. She probably hasn't had an orgasm, so she doesn't know what she is missing. It is soo fun plus I thing it helps keep that area strong and prepared for birth.


M - January 22

Thanks for all the answeres ladies. I still have an orgasm almost daily. (Girls on girl action turns me on too!!) Wow, I hope the God Lady relaxes...and learn to love her body.


LOL - January 22

If god didnt want us to use out hands, he would have made them shorter!!!!



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