Is It OK To Have Orgasm By Masturbating Often 36weeks

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LOL - January 22

If god didnt want us to use out hands, he would have made them shorter!!!!


To No Thanks - January 22

If you really are from a Christian background, then you should know that you go to hell for refusing to put your faith in and believing in Jesus dying on the cross for your sins. Apparently, your faith and beliefs are being based on works. Remember the verse, it is only through faith that we have been saved, not by works.... Please, provide sound evidence that masturbation is wrong before you pa__s judgement on others.


lil mumma - January 23

LOL @ LOL!!!! I too thought I was just a pervert thinking about girly action - my DH just loves the thought of me getting over it. I feel a tad guilty though - he has no idea how much I masturbate (2-3x/week). I find it more comfortable with myself ie positions than with him and I don't want him to get jealous!!!! Plus, I get off with only the slightest touch during masturbation but take ages with him cause it's soooo uncomfortable!


Shawna - January 23

I also masturbate on occasion (and it happens so quickly!), but sometimes feel unsettled afterward because it causes such extreme tightening. Not real contractions, mind you, but a very intense feeling of rock-hard tightness. Then I find myself wondering if it will proceed to contractions. Still, though, that is just my own paranoia. I just wanted to add, on a tangent here, that the att_tude that "No Thanks" has shared here is what makes others resent, ridicule, and shun those who claim to be Christians... when it is not at all what we ACTUALLY believe! Going to hell for masturbation? (shakes head in frustration) A truly born-again believer should not think such a thing... neither good works nor self-control keep us from d__nation! Too bad that is what so many still believe. The one who responded as "To No Thanks" got it right on the money with her reply... I applaud her! Enough on that tangent, though...


norty - January 24

OMG!!! And I thought it was just me! My DH found one of his girly p___ns in the DVD player and thought it was my 13 yo son! I had to sheepishly admit that I had left it in there.....oops!


ready2bdun - January 24

Lucky ladies. I was so h__y with my first pregnacy I couldn't get enough so I had to take it upon myself to get what I wanted! This time around my poor husband is lucky if I want it once a week. I'ld much rather masturbate than have s_x with him, though. It's quicker and much less uncomfortable. At least with myself I don't feel like a beached whale when on top!!! You gotta' do what you gotta' do.


Maddy22 - December 5

going to hell? haaaaaahahaaahaha you my friend, are a slave to your sad little religion, and you need to get a life.


Alexandra7 - March 28

Me too with girl on girl. I went as far as talking my best friend into masturbating with me. Were both totally straight but had a blast rubbing together. I was so embarrassed how turned on i got when she took her panties off though, i couldnt take my eyes off her. Am i losing it? Lol



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