Is It Possible To Have Wrong Dates Or Is This Small Baby

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niki - November 28

i'am 39 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, my first was 8 llb 7 oz born and i was bigger than what i'am now. However went for check up and midwife says i'am very small and its unusual to have smaller second child. And measured 37 weeks fundal height. Now i'am worried, i thought i was on the last leg of the race, and will be gutted if i am really 2 weeks behind. This is first time anyone has said anything like this, and all my scans were fine and measurements correct. Any advice?


... - November 28

U say u measured as if u were 37 weeks meaning 37cm. Well the normal measurment for 39 weeks is 39cm, or 2 cm more or 2cm less, so 37 would still be normal.


niki - November 29

oh thats good news, i am so fed up now, and would hate to have another couple of weeks to go. Am due in4 days time and will try almost anything to go on time.


Christine - November 29

Good luck


Mellissa - November 30

According to statistics, even measurements with a late ultrasound can be as much as a pound off, never mind simple abdominal palipitations and fundus heights. If it were a real concern, your midwife would be ordering an ultrasound so I wouldn't worry. How small is small, anyway? Your last baby was no small fry so maybe small is 6-7lbs this time around (in comparison)


niki - November 30

yeah i know exactly what you mean. The midwife said my first baby would be a 7llb one and 8 llb 7oz was a suprise, so i think take things they say with a pinch of salt and wait and see eh? anyway i had a scan 2 weeks ago with my consultant and everything was fine.


Teresa - December 14

fundal height measurements go out of the window at this stage at the baby can be engage and drop...reducing the fundal height. The docs told me I was small for dates and my daughter was 8lb 9 oz!!!! Worried me sick and in the end I had to have a c section as she was too large for a normal delivery!!


Christine - December 14

A friend of mine was telling me that she was told she was going to have a 12lb baby...they induced her due to this..and found out the baby only weighed 9lbs...they can be off..sometimes by quite a bit



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