Is It Safe To Travel By Car For 8hrs For The Holidays

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bella - November 11

I am going to be traveling for 8 hrs by car for christmas. I will be 31 or 32 weeks. Has anyone else traveled that far in the last trimester. Is it ok? I am gonna ask my dr at the next appt.


Crystal - November 11

I was actually just looking into this and I was told that as long as we stop every hour to hour and a half and took a good stretch and walk (about 15 mins.) that it would be fine depending on how comfortable you are sitting for that long of a period of time. It will add quite a bit of time to your trip, but worth it.


KFish - November 11

I am driving down to disneyland in my 31st week. Be sure to stay hydrated. When I drove down to my grandma's last pregnancy, I had to stop every 1 1/2-2 hours to go to the bathroom. Just make sure you do get out and walk around for a bit.


MC - November 11

I traveled more than 8 hours when I was around the same time as you. My doctor said it was fine as long as I stopped every few hours to walk around. Be sure to drink lots of water! Have fun!


Gina - November 12

I just drove from Milwaukee to Des Moines, 6 hours each way with no problem. GO FOR IT!


Tati - November 12

I will be 36 weeks for Thanksgiving and we are going down south to see my family that 14 hour from here. I am also worried, because I already feel big and I have two daughters under 4 that are going too. So I am risking it. That is what women are made of. We take chances and we do well. Good luck.


me - November 13

On my 30th birthday, I'll be around 36 or 37 weeks along. I really wanted to be with my family at that time, but I think it's too risky because it's so close to the due date, & I'd be so far from my doctor & the hospital I'm delivering at. And by the time my dad's 60th birthday comes around two months later, I'll have a little newborn. Is it safe to travel with a newborn on a plane or in a car for long distances?


Shelley - November 13

Hi Ladies, My sister is getting married in Diney in Jan, I will be 36 weeks. I spoke to my doctor and they said I cant fly but I can drive or take a train and I should have no problems. They said just to get an exam the day before I leave just to confirm that it doesnt look like I will deliver early. I am going to call AAA so they can map out all the hospitals on my way down just in case of an emergency. I like my doctors and all but they deliver babies all over. I would really check with your doctor. I am sure it would not be a problem. Good luck!!!



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