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momof479 - May 1

I am almost 39 weeks along. I went to the hospitol on Friday and to my surprise was sent home. I am 6cm dialated and 60% efaced. I have a thick discharge,(kinda looks like snot!!) I already lost my mucas plug. I am having contractions but they are so far apart. Whats going on with me??


Heather W - May 1 know I heard someone onthis site describe losing their plug as thicker greenish snot...But I remember with my last one that it was definately stringy and gellatinous. So I know I had snotty stuff a few weeks ago...I am 36 weeks right now...and I have no clue if I'm dialating...but it seems like it could be your cervix thinning...can that be snotty looking...I feel stupid to say I don't know as this is my 4th baby. I would maybe get them to ccheck as its been 2 days and you are dialated sssoooo much! good luck


Tess - May 1

You're 6cm dilated and they sent you home? How weird....Im not an expert but most of the time I know they will watch you closely n stuff and not send you home. Im 37 wks and 3 days....Im 1cm dilated so I know it might even take wks or days for me to go into labor.


Rachel0510 - May 1

WOW... they sent you home at 6 cm? I thought they keep you when you get like 5 cm or something? Well, you have got to be pretty close since you're 39 weeks. That's just weird that they wouldn't keep you. I guess because you're contractions are so far apart but usually wouldn't they give you something to speed them up? Oh, when are you due? I'm due May 10th and haven't even dilated so I don't think mine's coming on time. I go to the doc on Wed (39 week appt) and HOPEFULLY I've have progressed. Good luck to you though.


krista-lee - May 1

they probably sent you home because of effacement. im pretty sure real contractions start when you hit 100% effaced, and since you arent, they wont fear you'll go into labor. they also wouldnt keep you in the hospital because you're contractions arent close, and they dont wanna induce you since you are already dilated a lot.


Daniella - May 2

no... actually you can definitely have real contractions if you aren't fully effaced. Effacement has nothing to do with true or false contractions. Of course you want to be fully effaced when you are in active labor, but not all woman fully efface until later into labor. momf479- the midwife at my hospital said they had a woman who was 5cm for 4 weeks. Gosh, I thought I was bad that I've been 3 cm for the last 3 weeks and finally 4 cm now. I am also 39 weeks. Some hospitals keep you once you hit 4 cm, but why... I mean, unless you are having regular contractions and are in active labor, then whats the point? They would probably induce you with pitocin if you weren't progressing. Now, if you want that, then OK. Yet, I surely dont!!! I want to go into labor all natural. :) Are they going to induce you?? Did they sweep your membranes?? I lost my mucus plug at 32 weeks and a couple weeks ago (Easter weekend) I had the actual bloody show. SO, its so hard to tell when real labor is about to happen. I just cant believe I've been dilated for over 6 weeks now. Gosh, I couldn't imagine being 6 cm right now. It sucks that I am 4 cm. BUT HEY, as my doctor said... the further dilated we are before birth should mean not as long of labor. Lets hope!!!



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