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Samantha1 - July 7

Im only 33 weeks 5 days ... and I lost my mucus plug 2 weeks ago well for about a week now (getting worse these past 3 days) ive been having alot of lower back pain that goes into my upper theighs alot of pain in my lower abdomen off and on but it just seems to be getting worse loose bowel movements alot of nausea no throwing up just feel kinda like the flu alot of menstrual like cramps feeling alot more tired than usuall these past 2 weeks .... please tell me what u think and how much longer ut hink i will go .... i dont want my baby girl to be premature really worried:-s


Soontobemom - July 7

Around that time I was nauseas too, excpet it was my baby pushing on my stomach and I did actually throw up a couple times, so that could be one. I have also had a pain constantly in my left pelvic region for over a month, which I believe to be my muscles softening for delivery. My back hurts when I do any straining physical work, but if I sit down for a bit it goes away... why dont you just ask your doc and have them examine you to make sure everything is normal, but ubless you are feeling pains regularly (like every 5 mins) then I would say it's prob just preg pains.. oh and you can lose your plug for weeks and weeks and not go into labor, or lose it right before labor.. so dont worry about that. (I am 38 1/2 weeks and still havent noticed any mucus plug).


dee23 - July 8

i second the above post. the extra discharge, back pain, pelvis pain, burning, bla bla...its all just c___ppy prego syptoms. i would still have a chat to your doc about it. but thought i might just tell ya that that all sounds pretty norm to me :)


Samantha1 - July 10

thanks for the rea__surance .. i went to the e.r. and begged them to check me but they wouldnt cuz they said well if we check u we could make u go into early labor ... grr


crimson4154 - July 10

Yeah, I threw up around that time again. (thought it was all over and done with 4th month!) and I actually had another close call this am - I am 38 weeks now. Backache has been constant and the abdomen has hurt on and off wich has been written off as irregular Braxton Hicks. You could just be suffering from your body getting ready early. Doesn't mean she'll come early! Good luck with everything!!



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