Is Labor Time Hereditory

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dee23 - June 17

sry for the silly question, but i really have no idea. i thought that this would give me hope though. my gran had a 6 hour labor with my mum, and my mum had a 4 hour labor with me, so with that said...whats that likely hood that ill go the same? thx in advance.


Nerdy Girl - June 17

I am not sure about that. My guess would be no. Very short labors run in my family, but I needed c-sections with both of my babies. With my 2nd baby, my water actually broke before my scheduled c-section date. I went to the hospital in the middle of the night when the water broke, but they didn't do the C until about 6 hours later, and I never even went into labor.


louise_J - June 18

Hi Dee23, i asked my midwife the exact same question and she tends to say yes labour patterns can be hereditory, obviously as with anything in this crazy world there are exceptions! I asked because with my mums labours she had no pain until her water broke then with both me and my sis she only went 50 mins between water breaking and delivering, my mum has 5 sisters and the longest labour any of them had was 8 hrs resulting in a c-section due to cord being around babys neck, my midwife tends to think i may go the same as my mum as i have been dilated 2/3 cm's for the last 2 weeks with no braxton hicks throughout the whole pregnancy (im 40 weeks this week) so she thinks i will go quick too! hope so! Good luck!


dee23 - June 18

thx girls. i sure hope it means something! im not having any bh's either! i think i get my first internal in a week, although i havent lost my plug or anything so i dought anything is going on 'down there'.


marranie - June 18

The women in my family, me included, have long labors, go overdue and have big babies so could be hereditary. Lucky if you have a four or six hour labor to look forward to!


Alycia - June 19

Hard to say... my mom had a 4 1/2 hour labor with me and a 45 minute labor with my brother, but mine was 17 1/2 hours if you count it from 4 cm. It was 44 hours if you count from my bloody show and beginning of contractions. I wish I had been as lucky as my mom!



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