Is Losing Your Mucous Plug A Sign That Labour Could Come

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Hayls - March 6

Hi I have 3 days to go before my due date and today I lost what looked to be my mucous plug. Just wondered if anyone has lost this and then gone into labour shortly after?


Tammy276 - March 6

It is different for everyone. Some woman lose it and go into labor hours later, some woman lose it and don't go into labor for weeks, so it really isn't an indication as to when you will go into labor.


gina143 - March 6

with my daughter, I lost it, and went to the hospital.. a few hours after that i was in labor... had her the next morning... GOOD LUCK!


mary b - March 6

Hayls, i'm due in 3 days and lost my mucous plug this morning too!!


Meghan - March 6

I am 38 weeks and lost mine this morning too!


Cevvin - March 6

you girls are making me jealous, i want to lose my plug :D usually at this late in the pregnancy, losing your mucus plug is a good sign that labor is soon to start. Good Luck.


Steph - March 6

I lost mine with my daughter in the late morning, and I had her early hopefully you'll be going into labor soon!!


Meghan - March 6

ooo this board gets me excited! Good luck to all the ladies who lost thier mucous plugs today as well, I hope you all gointo labour soon and have happy healthy babies!


Cevvin - March 7

i finally lost mine, and i think my water broke, but im not leaking so they wont let me come in, i have an appointment tomorrow, im trying to walk and do some nipple stimulation. Hopefully we will be a bunch of happy moms REAL SOON. Good Luck Ladies


Meghan - March 8

hopefully it was your water and you have your baby really soon cevvin!! has any of the other ladies gone into labour yet?


bernadetteoc - March 8

I lost mine with my first about 2 weeks before I gave birth, with my second I think it was closer to my due date.


Taylors mama - March 8

I lost my mucous plug with my first the morning that I went into labor...had her in the evening! This time around (I'm 37weeks, 4 days) I haven't lost it yet!



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