Is My Baby Weighing Too Much

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Ronni - February 21

i just came back from my 32 week sonogram. The tech says my baby is weighing 4lbs. 4oz. She said that is normal, but i feel like that is a lot. I still have 8 more weeks to go. how big might he get? Just curious what your babies are measuring at and how many weeks are you? thanks


JP - February 21

My baby was also about that range at 32 weeks (4lbs 5oz). I am 34 weeks now. The baby measures 1 week ahead in the ultrasound though). They told me that the baby will be somewhere in the high seven pound range to low eight pound range. The baby is in the 57th percentile- which although larger than average not by much. Relax it's going to be fine. Sounds like we are in the same boat.


JP - February 21

BTW- I freaked out to when they first told how big it was. After talking to my doctor last night and him telling me that it will probably be between high 7 and low 8 I feel a lot better. Also my cousin's best friend just had her baby at 37 weeks induced due to preclampsia. They told her the baby was 8lbs 13oz already. She was born 6lbs, 13oz. They are just guessing and don't really know.


JennyC - February 21

hi Ronni. I just got back from my 36 week check. My little girl was 5 1/2 lbs and that was only the 36 percentile, so she's a bit small. I have heard that the estimates can be way off, though, so I wouldn't worry.


marcy - February 21

My friend just gave birth to a 9lb 1oz baby (and she came a week early at 39 weeks). At 35 weeks she had a ultrasound and the baby measured 5lbs 6oz. That was 4 weeks before she actually went into labor and gave birth. They told her that her baby would gain 1/2 pound per week until it was born. So, if you do the math......she should have had a 7lb 6oz baby at 39 weeks. That just goes to show you........the doc really does NOT know!!!! I believe it is genetics.....not much you can do about it, but do not worry! All the people I have known who gave birth to 9 or 10lb babies had easy labors. It does not mean you will have a problem delvering. I know more people who had average sized babies and complications and/or hard deliveries. there is much more that goes into the formula than just size.


JH - February 21

Any measurements based on ultrasounds are nothing to get too excited about. They can be up to 20% inaccurate in either direction.


Lindsay - February 21

When my brother was born 8 years ago, the doctor told her by feeling externally and by ultrasound that he would be in the mid 8 pound range and he was born at 38 weeks by c section and weighed 11 lb 4 oz and was 21 inches long. I am now pregnant with my first and was told last Wednesday that my 37 week baby was about 6 lb 11 oz but I guess we will see when he is born which I hope is soon as I am having my membranes swept tomorrow and I am praying that will put me into labor.


Allie - February 21

I had an us last week at 32 weeks and baby was 4lb. too. I haven't asked my dr. if that's normal or on the bigger side


Ronni - February 22

thanks, for your answers!!



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