Is My Due Date Off

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ColtonsMommy07 - December 23

i went to a dr appt and i was 29 weeks and my dr said i measured 32weeks could my due date be off. ( before i got pregnant my periods were every 6 weeks could this be why????)


iona - December 23

No your due date does not change at this point. Measuring a few centimeters big or small is normal. My 1st I measured big by 3 plus centimeters and she was right on time. My 2nd I measured very small, sometimes 6 plus cms small and she was right on time. Both normal birth weight. If you had an early u/s done then all is well with the due date.


kmoselle - December 24

According to my LMP I should be 34 weeks. First ultrasound I had puts me at 32 weeks. Most recent u/s measures baby 3 weeks farther along than I am. I was wondering the same thing- how far along am I really and when is my actual due date? I suppose it doesn't really matter because baby will come when he is ready, and only when he is ready. I am told to expect the first ultrasound as most accurate. Still hoping he comes a little earlier because I can't wait to meet him!!!


austynsmommy - December 24

It is possible. I just had my son on the 18th and I was supposed to be 37 weeks and 3 days but after he was born they think that he was only 34 weeks gestation. So it is possible.


Krissy25 - December 24

Did you have an ultrasound early on, like around week 6-8? Those are the most accurate and your due date can be based off of those measurements. After that babies grow at different rates. Alos did this last measurement come from an ultrasound or tape measure? When i had ultrasounds i always measured a little more ahead each time. It started off by just being a few days ahead but by the end of my pregnancy my dd measured almost 4 weeks ahead but when my doctor meausered my belly it was always right where it should have been and sometimes a little behind.


angelmonkey - December 25

my belly always messures about 2-3 weeks ahead but inmy ultrasounds she messures fine...



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