Is Pre Eclampsia Constant

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anne - June 2

hi guys, my blood pressure and heartrate keep going up and down. my heart rate is typically over 100 (is this normal for you too?). My question is for pre-eclampsia. what is considered high blood pressure? mine can go up to 120/70 (and then drop to my normal 90/45). it doesn't last long in the day but i'm wondering if these are warning signs? Is this happening to anyone else? I have been posting a lot here today. i am very grateful to meet other pregnant women. I don't know anyone preg in my area withwhom i can talk to. Thanks


anne - June 2

also.. what other signs should i be looking out for?


Laura - June 2

I believe in my non medical opinion that 120/70 is in the perfectly normal range. Other warning signs are...headaches (pretty sure), and swelling sometimes..(I think). If you doc/midwife is concerned about your blood pressure, you would have been placed on a diet to reduce it. The increase could be because of the increases blood flow in the blood during pregnancy. As for your heartrate, walking to the bathroom raises mine! Good Luck!


anne - June 2

laura, thanks!!! what is your heartrate now that you're pregnant? im worried mine will skyrocket during labour at this rate. 120-140 is not good when im walking around. its not constant but when it hits - oh boy!


anne - June 2

oh and - my blood pressure never reached over 100/70 before. so this is weird for me


Whitney - June 2

I was diagnosed with mild pre eclamosia & high pressure at 32 weeks & the the doctor put me on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. My blood pressure was 148/100, & last week it is now 134/95, which the doctor said is still high but not dangerous. I would not be worried if it's at 120/70 but keep an eye on it. Stay away from salt, high sodium foods, coffie & chocolate. Also try not to get too stressed & avoid negative people, you don't want to end up like me & having to need bedrest - it is not fun! But I'm now 36 weeks & baby is still OK, the doctor said if I keep doing what I'm doing I should be able to control the blood pressure without needing medication. Good luck!


anne - June 2

wow whitney, you really had a rough time with it, huh? i was told if my blood pressure reached over 99 (the low number) that i would need to rush to the hospital. This is what a doctor told me anyway. Which is a real shame because now it's caused me undue anxiety by the looks of these posts. i will be 32 weeks on saturday and the last few days when i have been feeling "off" i have checked my blood pressure and was surprised to find it at 120/70 like that. my blood pressure is normally soooooo lowwwwww. it's crazy how low it is normally.


-m - June 2

Hi Anne, I've been having a lot of problems with my blood pressure thru my whole pregnancy. I'm 29 weeks right now. From what I have read and what my doctor has told me, blood pressure is only considered high if it's over 140/90. In my first trimester my doctor put me on medication to lower my blood pressure because it was staying about 142/93, the medication worked and brought it back down to normal. A few weeks ago (at 27 weeks) my blood pressure went up to 157/102 so my doc upped my medication doseage and put me on bedrest (I hated it, it's horrible). My blood pressure has gone down since then and is staying around 120/84 right now. My doc is watching my for pre-eclampsia now. So far no other symptoms which are headache, blurred vision or seeing black spots in you vision, swelling of the hands and face and feet, and sometimes pain under your right b___st. I would say that your blood pressure of 120/70 is perfectly fine. Your heart rate sounds fine. Mines stays around 100 also. I hope some of this helps you. Good Luck!


anne - June 2

thanks M. its reasuring to hear this. i am so sorry you are having trouble in your pregnancy. i really hope the bp stays put so you can enjoy the rest of the preg with less stress


C - June 2

It's not a problem till it's above 140/90. It is normal for your BP to go up during pregnancy, and your heart rate.


chrissy - June 3

anne, from what i have been told its when the lower number rises when it becomes a problem. During pregnancy mine is typically 120/70


anne - June 3

last night my bp was 135 over 80 and i was getting really nervous about it. I am tired of taking it and seeing my heartrate in the 120's too. trying to relax, but it seems to be inching upwards. i think i did a c___p job at my protein intake :(


Lynn - June 3

I am 14 weeks and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure (pregnancy induced) You need to worry if either the top or bottom # rise more than 30 over what your baseline reading was at the beginning of your pregnancy. So if your baseline was 110/60 and now you get a reading of 140/80 then the top number has risen 30 points so you should bring this to attention of your doctor. You also need to worry if either the top number is over 140 or the bottom number is over 90 at any time-this is considered the cutoff point for "normal" blood pressure. You should also bring it to the doctors attention if you have sudden weight gein - like more than 2 pounds in 1 day or 10 pounds over a week (with or without the blood pressure increase) or if you have extreme swelling of the face, hands and/or legs. Some swelling is normal (as you probably know by now) but if you swell up suddenly, this is a warning sign. Also if you get a sudden severe headache or you have even a dull constant headache that doesn't go away with tylenol, call your doctor,.


anne - June 3

lynn - my bp was quite low when i got pregnant. it stayed low up until the 28th week. my midwife told me today to remain calm and that my bp is still normal. she also mentioned to keep eating iron-rich foods because i started low hemoglobin at 28 weeks. it may be connected, not sure.


Jbear - June 5

I have pre-eclampsia. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my blood pressure was 120/70, which my doctor said was fine. It started to rise slightly, to about 140/80, but the doctor said that what he was really worried about was if the lower number rose above 90. Then I went to my 24 week checkup and my blood pressure was 170/90. My doctor started me on blood pressure medicine, and my blood pressure is still high, but not as high. The warning signs I've been told to watch for are severe headaches with vision disturbances (but I've had those earlier in my pregnancy when my bp wasn't as high) and swelling in the hands and face. Some swelling is normal in the legs, regardless of blood pressure. I was using the blood pressure machine in the walmart pharmacy to check my blood pressure, but I guess it's not that accurate, because I checked it there right after the reading of 170/90 at the dr's office, and walmart's machine said 136/78.


nelly - June 5

i have had preeclamsia before and mine would get as high as 220/110 when my normal is around 117/62 and mine stayed high constantly and i am pregnant now i am 33 weeks and my blood pressure is slowly elevating and it gets up to about 148/85 everyday and i am having the headaches i had before and breaking out in red patches everywhere like i did before when i had it and i went to the dr. and he said everything was normal and it was normal to rise like that but i know that i am developing it again im not stupid i had it before and he want listen to me. all i know is he better pray nothing happens or he will have one hell of a lawsuit. and i think when it first starts it does not stay high constantly its there but waiting to set in real good, i think thats one reason he did not listen to me because it was not high that morning yet i think if they monitored me they would find it.



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