Is There Anyone Out There Having A Boy

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peg - February 22

I know this is kindof a silly thread to start, but EVERYONE I hear abut these days (whether it be friends, family, or even hollywood stars) is having a baby girl. I want to make sure God is still producing!! I myself am having a girl, and everyone I talk to who is pregnant is having girl, girl, girl. Its so strange!!


stacey - February 22

that's so weird b/c around here it's the opposite. I am having a boy, and most of the people I know that just got pregnant or had kids within the past year are having/had boys.


bean - February 22

I second Peg's post. I'm having a girl and EVERYONE I know is also having a girl - all due this spring.


Cabbie - February 22

This is my third child. I have two girls and this one is a boy. I am 25 weeks, not quite third trimester but thought I'd chime in.


rk - February 22

All of my friends have been having girls also! I'm the only one having a boy! Well at least he'll have a lot of girlfriends! ;) lol


heather - February 22

I am 26 weeks and yes having a boy...this is my 4th baby...soon just my daughter and I will be the only girls..


Katie - February 22

Im 29 weeks and having a boy and most the people I know that are pregnant at this time are having boys so yep there are still boys being produced:)


jas - February 22

Second boy coming in about a month :)


lil mumma - February 22

I'm having my third child - second boy. Everyone down here in Oz seems to be having boys in the last few months too :o)


to Peg - February 22

In the past three years, 99.9999% of the folks I know have had boys. I'm no exception.


to Peg - February 22

And by the way, for every 100 girls, 105 boys are born.


Jessica - February 22

I am 35 weeks pregnant with a boy!


Melody - February 22

I am 34 weeks and having a boy. I am a military wife and almost every pregnant woman at this military base (in Germany) is having a boy. I have only met one who is having a girl.


ks - February 23

I'm 34 weeks and having a boy, but I know what you mean, seems like everybody else is having girls!


julieB - February 23

In three more weeks I am having a boy..


^lucy^ - February 23

LOL thats funny peg,, in 2006 all the people i know are going to have girls.. but dont worry all the people i knew got boys during 2005, maybe thats better since boys will be older than the girls :P we're having our 1st baby and she's a girl :) 27 weeks now



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