Is There Still Time

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trish2041 - January 16

i am 36 weeks and 3 days and my baby is still breech. they are scheduling a c-section for week 39. what are my chances that the baby will move into the right position in less than 21 days? i've never had any kind of surgery and i'm pretty scared about having this c-section. anyone else have a breech baby that was able to move in the last weeks of pregnancy?


Tammy276 - January 16

How come you are having a c-section? the baby still has plenty of time to turn around, and if you having a c-section, it really doesn't matter if the baby is breech or not.


zay28 - January 16

big chances. My dd was breech on tuesday. I was at the end of my 38 week. They did a sonogram and found her breech and she was mea__suring big around 22" . They schedule a csection for the folowing monday and a break water on friday before of my csection. She changed positions in the last week, with almost no room to move. So don't worry baby will change psoiton, make sure you request a sonogram before your csection.


mamagoose - January 16

One of my co-workers had her baby turn breech in her 39th week, and it turned back on its own at 40 weeks... and I've spoken to a few women who had their baby successfully turned by ECV, so hopefully your doctor will try that first to avoid a c-section. Good luck!


SaraH - January 16

I've heard of plenty of babies who have shifted the day or two before they're born even (although I think alot of those were rolling so that they were facing forward instead of backwards not actually flipping completly over). I would think though that at 36w there is still time, but I'm no expert on it.


sahmof3 - January 16

Is your baby pretty active? Mine were flip-flopping all over right up until the end, but unfortunately I have a condition which required all c-sections, so the ones that were head down didn't matter!, but my youngest brother actually turned while my mom was in labor with him lol.



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