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ashleyb0827 - January 16

i am 34 weeks and i know that indigestion & acid refulx is normal during pregnancy and i know that it can be really horrible too. and I've had a lot of it so it's not uncommon for me ... BUT ... last night i woke up with horrible back pains (it hurt to sit on the toilet to pee & then reach to wipe) and the worst acid that i've had the whole pregnancy ... i was fighting to not throw up to the point where i was sweating & my eyes were watering. it was like the acid was coming up in HUGE gulps.


MB - January 16

Hi, i am 35 weeks and been suffering with bad heartburn for weeks now, i am constantly taking tums. I cant lie flat anymore in bed as i cant breathe and i can feel the acid rising in me !!! also i suffer a lot with trapped wind and i was thinking that might be the cause of the pain in your back as its common especially when youve been lying down. I just take gas x for that.


ashleyb0827 - January 16

thank you for that info! What is trapped wind???


mamagoose - January 16

I've suddenly started getting pretty bad heartburn too (I'm 38 weeks). A few days ago, I was lying on the couch, and as I sat up, I suddenly threw up what felt like acid-- no nausea or warning or anything! I mentioned it to my Dr. today, who said it could just be the baby pushing up, and your esophageal sphincter relaxes during pregnancy, so you're more vulnerable to this type of thing.


MB - January 17

Trapped wind is just a gas build up in your body, when it isnt released it gets painfull.


firedoor05 - January 17

I had acid reflux before I was pregnant, and when I found out I was prego I stopped taking all medications, so I don't think I ever healed. acid reflux and heartburn have been horrible for most of my pregnancy. I've done the whole.. drive to work and throw up in a cup thing. lol.. sorry but its the same thing as mamagoose said.. no warning.. just acid throw up. It's horrible, but the doctor did end up giving me Prilosec... I was nervous to take anything and I've only taken like 3.. only when I'm starving and I know I need to eat, but can't. It gets worse too I've noticed the further along you are. I can't wait to have her so I can eat Taco Bell again! =) Ashleyb, just watch what you eat, I've had good luck eating potatoes and drinking milk...tums help sometimes, although I've thrown them up too.. Good Luck finding what works for you!


kaybee123 - January 18

I have had horrible heartburn. I was on ranitidine (zantac). The vomiting got so bad that there was clumpy blood coming up. I was prescribed prilosec and it is definitely working. I have to take one a day and I haven't had any issues since.



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