Is This The Mucous Plug Or From My Exam

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madison - March 9

i am 37 weeks, had an exam yesterday and then last night and today i am having brown sticky discharge. its not pink or red, definitely brown. is this the mucous plug starting to come out slowly or is it just old blood from my exam or something? i was so busy at work today that i didnt call my dr. but i am assuming its normal since its not red, just wondering what it is....


Meghan - March 9

sometimes you bleed after exams, its completely normal. I have lost my mucous plug already and it was a light green jelly looking thing..almost like I had b__wn my nose. so I dont think the brown mucous you are experiencing is that (i could be wrong though) its probably just from your exam and at this point it could be your "bloody show" which is a good indication that labour is on its way soon:) good luck!!!


mary b - March 10

Sounds like your mucous plug w/ a little blood in it....I had an exam and i have been losing my mucous for almost a week now...


Cevvin - March 10

ive had mucus coming out since my exam on thursday (2 days ago) and he told me to expect it. Just no contractions yet.


madison - March 10

thanks for the replies. i'm still having some of the discharge but not as much today. i've been having lots of braxton hicks the past few days and some painful cramps/contractions about two or three times a day that dont last long. when are you all due?


kerryv - March 10

i am having the exact same thing. i had an exam thursday and before i even left the doctors i went to the bathroom and i was bleeding- it was pink then, they said it was normal and gave me a pantyliner and i didnt even come close to filling it. ever since then though i have noticed that sometimes when i wipe i have brown discharge. i put a pantyliner on and there are just specks on it. i am not too concerned b/c it isnt red. i a__sumed it was just from the exam and never thought that it might be the mucous plug though...


Sonrisa - March 12

To me it sounds like it is from your exam. I lost my mucuos plug yesterday and it looked like a bog collection of mucous. It did not have brown in it. Sometimes it is a pink color.


madison - March 12

i think you are right, not the mucous plug. it has since stopped so i am a__suming it was just from my exam. getting lots of BH and "b___t" pressure during the night which is strange. anyone having more and more symtoms the big day is getting close?!



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