Is This The Start Of A Strech Mark PLEASE HELP

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heather - June 25

I have noticed that over the last couple of days I see these blue lines just beneth the surface of my belly, under my button area. I am 33 weeks and have had no strech marks, and dont want them. I use aveno soap and use all types of lotions. Is this what they start out looking like? And if yes can I get them to not appear into big craters? I'd really like to wear a 2 piece again! What can I use on them?


anne - June 25

i have those too, but i dont have any stretchmarks and im 35 weeks. trust me - no lotion or cream will prevent them, they are hereditary and based on sudden weight gain/stretching. ask your mother if she had them, then you have a good idea if you will get them or not. at 33 weeks it sounds like you probably wont get them, but they can pop up at the end too. avoid creams and lotions- everything on your skin is absorbed, better not to have stuff like that in your blood where the chance of the baby getting it becomes a risk. hope this help! anne


playitagainsam - June 25

No, that doesn't sound like it. Sounds like a vein to me. I got some marks the first time around, only 3 or 4 this time, and they all started out looking like little pink spots. Also, Anne is right--can't do a darn thing to prevent them. However, mine faded within 6 months and I've had no trouble belly-baring...


cu - June 25

I know that nothing will "prevent" stretch marks, but during my first pregnancy I used Cocoa b___ter with Shea. Never had any noticable marks after. Now on 2nd pregnancy, still use cocoa b___ter lotion plus a soap called "Tone", which has cocoa and shea extracts in it. This 2 ingredients are supposed to help with the elacticity of your skin. So far so good for me. It even helps if you find your skin to be really itchy. If you find it doesn't work atleast you'll smell wonderful, which makes you feel really good! I dont know why I started to use it, just heard it someplace, and found it to be awesome. Works great for other kind of scaring too. You could always use Aloe or vitamin E. You know the lttle tablets of Vitamin E that have oily stuff inside? Break the tablets open and use the oils on your scars. I burned my face with hot cooking oil a few years ago, and used Vitamin e during the healing, and not one scar to show for it!


Jodie - June 26

I think its really sad that your greatest concern with your pregnancy is getting stretch marks


jenn - June 26

no thats not a stretch mark. as you grow your veins push to the surface of your belly. also the increased blood flow during the third trimester makes them look bigger. stretch marks start off as pink spots then as they stretch they get long and red


playitagainsam - June 26

Jodi: I think it's really sad that women can't have normal expressions of a full range of feelings during pregnancy without being put down on a PREGNANCY BULLETIN BOARD. I think it's really sad that you would a__sume that because it is ONE of her concerns, that it's her first and foremost concern. I think it's really sad that when I first came upon this website and saw so many negative posts from people like you, I misjudged what seems to be a perfectly good site, with a handful of bad apples.


anne - June 26

we tend to just ignore comments like that and move on. giving attention to those kinds of posts only compound them, etc.


playitagainsam - June 26

Probably best. I've never been much of a "move-r on-er". I don't have much of a flight reflex :) I'll make a note to work on that...


sherry - June 27

i guess iam petty to, cause stretchmarks are also "one" of my worries. i worry about the baby most, but we all worry about aspects of our appearance, pregnant or not. i also have these veins, and they aren't the start of stretchmarks, just viens, and increase blood flow. i have a few small white marks on my hips, but not from pregnancy, from i guess a weight loss/growth/loss, lol. i don't remember them ever being red, but so far my belly is clear at 33+ weeks, on #3. it's mostly genetics, but we all want to believe lotions can help so we try them anyway. nothin wrong with alittle wishful thinking. good luck:)


Hi - June 27

I have veins all over my belly. They're easy to see because my complexion is pretty light. I don't have any stretch marks on my belly so far at 35 weeks and still hoping not to get any! I do, however, have a few little ones on my left hip! It's so weird that I don't have any on my right hip! Anywho, I use lotion that has Vitamin E and aloe and a few other things that are supposed to be good for your skin and it's worked pretty good. I know the lotion doesn't prevent stretch marks, but it doesn't hurt to try! Plus, it smells good, so at least I smell good all the time! Lol! =)


heather - June 27

Thank you playitagainsam! I couldn't have said it any better! Your right I do think of my baby's health first but I also have other concerns- personally- seeing that I am experiancing this for the first time. With that said thank you for all your replies, I will still try to take care of my skin and what ever happens- happens! I also love this website it has been sooooo helpful to me seeing other people with the same thoughts, ideas, and worries as me. And not having to bug my dr. when I can come here and kinda figure out what is happening with me. Thank you all! Getting very excited for this little one, got lots to do though. Still waiting for the painter to paint the room, still need to put together all the furniture, wash the clothes, set the room....I keep saying " theres plenty of time!"I dont want to do it all and then just wait for the next month, and wait...


leslie - June 27

like heather said this forum helps a lot! most of us come here with worries/concerns, and also to vent! so I leave my main worries to my dr. I see nothing wrong with us worring about little things! We come here and talk about stuff that no one talks to us about... plus jodie, I think she never said that this was her "greatest concern" Anyway I am really hoping I don't get strech marks, well at least not a lot of them b/c I think they are starting to appear :( :( but very small..we'll see!


Jodie - June 27

Im sorry i just find it a lil superficial to be worry about such things, my best friend miscarried at 14 weeks and is jealous of my stretch marks. I love my stretch marks, they make me feel like a real woman and why wouldnt i love them when they are a result of my 2 favourite people in the world, my favourite is one that i cant show anyone though, its right on my pelvis, a direct result from giving birth to my son, his head was 3cm larger than average and was rock hard due to being overdue


anne - June 27

there are many questions here, all separated by topics. i have posted about one thing, then posted about another thing. it's not her being superficial, it's her questioning stretchmarks. when hasn't a woman asked about stretchmarks, or asked about b___st swelling or whatever. these are common questions. just because we are having babies it doesn't mean we don't care about our own bodies or are curious about beauty care too. that's what these forums are for - to ask and to share concerns. I didn't hear heather say that her baby is making her body ugly or whatever. she only asked a question - one asked many times over.


playitagainsam - June 27

Well, I see your point Jodi. I love mine, too. But my sister just had a hysterectomy at 24 (devastating). She and her husband have been trying for 3 years, and have no kids. So, I'll be carrying a baby for her next year. And although she is sad that she will miss out on the experience, she has mentioned that she's a little thrilled about avoiding the stretch marks, sickness and such (thanks, sis). Even infertile women have their shallowness--this is America, after all :)


Jodie - June 27

Oh see thats what it is, im australian, im sorry i came off the wrong way but im experiencing mood swings like crazy, i dont remember them being this bad with my other 2, infact i think theyre scared of me at the moment. Sorry for being a b___h. Heather if you do get stretch marks they do fade and you will be able to wear a 2 piece again, i do



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