Is This Too Much Weight To Gain

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dani - October 14

Hi, I'm 29 weeks and I've gained 29 pounds. I read a lot of posts on here and seems like a lot of women haven't gained that much. I know every pregnancy is different, but was wondering if anyone else has put on a lot of weight early on. My dr says to cut back on carbs but as you know it's been really tough for me. I just don't want to put on too much weight b/c I still have 11 more weeks to go.


mariah - October 14

It's always the hardest thing to eat healthy and watch your weight when your pregnant. To me it's the only good and fun thing we can do right now is eat. Try not to eat too much before bed time and try to get a walk in everyday too. Some days are better than others. MAybe write out a plan fo ryour eating. Don't sweat it thought too much. Some women gain allot at the first and some at the end. I didn't really gain anything for the first 6 months and now I'm 3 days away from due date all together I gained about 25. So don't worry.


Julie - October 14

I am 40 weeks 1 day and have gained 38 lbs. My doctor said this is fine for me. I started out at 100 lbs. I eat right and don't eat too much I chase my 3 year old around so I get plenty of exercise. I just pack on the lbs. when I'm pregnant.


Lenore - October 14

I really would not worry too much. I am going on 30 weeks and have gained 30 pounds. I have been working out 4 days a week and have been eating fairly healthy (although i do give in to some cravings) and the weight just keeps coming on? I put on a lot of weight in the first trimester and since it has slowed down a bit, but I have 10 weeks to go and I am just hoping that it really slows down from here on. I was on the thin side before becoming pregnant, my doctor hasn't expressed concern yet. good luck and try to to be too concerned with the weight gain, it will come off after the baby.


jorden - October 14

i gained 65 lbs when i was pregnant. My baby is almost 4 moths and ive lost all but 10lbs of it. And i gained most of that by my 5 month. My doctor always got on me about my weight because i was 200 before i got pregnant and then gained all that weight. he told me to lay off the cars and salt. I was a really bad fast food junkie though. I couldnt help it. But yours isint too bad. Just think of it like could be a lot worse.


Jen - October 14

My appet_te was super hearty durring the first and second trimester, but it really tapered off these last few weeks- thank goodness! I am somewhere between 33-35 weeks (changing due dates) and have gained 26 lbs so far- I'm only 5'3". I think everyone is just different, so be as sensible as possible and you should be fine. Just listen to your doctor and watch your salt/caffeine/etc.intake. Good luck!


Heather - October 14

I am 27 weeks right now, and I have gained 25 lbs, so I am approx the same as you. I was slightly overweight when I got pregnant, but my Dr told me 35 lbs was normal and even average, so to watch it the last 12 wks or so. My appet_te is nothing compared to what it was last trimester, though! I could eat anything , anytime... and did!!



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