Is Water Breaking Genetic

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KMo311 - January 15

Both my sister and my mother had there water break. Does anyone know if this is something that is genetic?


Tammy276 - January 15

I don't think it is genetic.....I think it is just by chance


SaraH - January 15

Water breaking I've never heard of being genetic --I'm a__suming that you mean their water broke all over the place, type thing? Since technically to have a baby everyones water has to break or be broken -most of the time they break on there own. Anyways, never heard of a genetic link to how your water breaks.


KMo311 - January 15

They don't break most of the time on there own. There is actually a small percentage of women that have their water break on its own.


kds - January 15

Mine broke on it's own. My mom and sister both had theirs broken by the doctor. So I really doubt it's genetic.


Tammy276 - January 15

Your water will most likely break on its own, but few woman go into labor by their water breaking (meaning that their water breaking is the first sign of labor).. A lot of womans waters don't break until they are farther into labor, or the doctor will break it sooner to speed things up.


SaraH - January 16

KMo, maybe I should have explained it more like Tammy did. Your water will almost always eventually break on it's own (it has to break to have the baby and if you think about it, most of the women throughout history who had babies by themselves or w/ just a dh or neighbor women would have had their water break on it’s own –there was no one there to break it for them). The thing is, now doc break it often simply to speed it up the labor, but this doesn't change the fact that the water will eventually break on its own. Babies will eventually come w/ or w/o help (except for on the rare occasion), and eventually the water has to break as the baby has to come out of the sac to be born. As Tammy said though this often happens after labor has started not prior to it.


dedaa - January 16

My water broke with both of my previous pregnancys at the start of labor. This time I asked my doctor if they same thing would happen he told me their is about a 75% chance my labor will start the same way again.


KMo311 - January 16

thanks ladies. i did mean in the onset of labor. This is my third pregnancy and both times i was induced so my ob broke my water to push my labor into gear. i had just found out that with me, my mother's water broke and my sister who had a baby a month ago her water broke in onset of labor. so i was just wondering if it was a genetic thing. i would find it to be great if my water broke in the onset of labor because i wouldn't have to play the guessing game. i would know i was in labor. everynight i get really bad contractions and then they stop and i am still a sitting duck.


MichelleB - January 16

My doctor did not break my broke (exploded really) when I was 10cm and ready to push with a natural labour.



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