Is Your Baby Twitching When It Moves

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br00234 - May 3

I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and I can feel the baby moving around quite a bit, kicking, prodding, etc. However, sometimes the baby also moves quite rapidly, almost like she is having a seizure. (even though I know that is not the case.) Does anyone else feel really rapid movements, almost like a vibration or twitching or shaking? Just curious.


livdea - May 3

yeah I feel that too! I wonder what the heck she's doing in there!!!


mayaB - May 3

How far along are you? I'm 38 weeks and his movements have become stronger and more decisive. Before this though they were more rapid, seizure like at time.


AML - May 3

YES! I know what you are talking about! I will be 36 weeks this Friday and he moves like that a lot!


2StarsOnMyBack - May 3

Yes, I feel that too, not as often as I used to but definitely feel it. I asked my doctor about it and he said this happened because his nervous system is starting to practice and develop.


Chrissy - May 3

Yep me too. It doesn't happen a lot, but sometimes it does. It will just be a really quick twitch or a series of twitches.


Chrissy - May 3

Oh yeah, I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow.


ARD - May 3

I had to laugh at your description - like she's having a seizure, because I've thought that myself!! My little one's movements seem really quick and rapid at times, so I've wondered and thought the same thing!! So you're not alone! :o) My doctor says its normal for them to make all kinds of movements - fast and slow!! :o)


Evonna - May 3

I have also made a topic about this as well and it's funny because i have put down exactly what you've wrote about if she/he having seizures, and was wondering 'what in the world is going on in there!', lol.


Been There - May 3

I'm not that far along yet, but I'm now going to pay attention when I get there. That's interesting.


3babies - May 3

I am only 27 weeks, but had an episode of this last night. The baby was going nuts, and my first thoght was, it's having a fit! I did have my glucose test yesterday, so maybe it was a bit hyper after all that sugar!


Jenn2 - May 3

I am 35 weeks too, and I do feel this allot. For me it happens really low....near my pelvic bone, and I can not figure out what she is doing, or what part of her is doing it??? It makes me laugh b/c it almost feels like she is tapping on my really really fast.


Heather W - May 3

Exactly that is what I've been noticing for about 2 weeks! I am 35 weeks as know sometimes how baby's get that little quivery chin after eating feels like know...but a little bigger movement and longer lasting...I have been kinda worried...but now I see it is common


lindsay - May 3

i feel that too... i wonder if it's from a reverberation from the amniotic fluid or something??? (also 35 weeks)


Tess - May 3

How far along are you? It usually slows down after 35-36 wks...but for me she's still very active during the night.


Nora1 - May 4

I get the same thing also! Can't figure out what it is. I'm 32 weeks and have been having this happen every once in a while for quite some time now. Usually I feel distinct movements, but sometimes I feel him shake around like his whole body is vibrating - but only for a few seconds at a time, but maybe a few of those in a row. Very strange! There must be some explanation if we're all feeling this!?


Trina_ - May 4

I always a__sumed it was hiccups. Cause they do get them quite often from what hear.



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