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~S~ - July 28

I'm 35 weeks and already it feels like my baby is too big for my uterus, well on one side I guess. He/she is constantly pushing on my right side just below my rib cage. My dr. said it's his/her foot or knee, but it seems like there's no more room in there for my little one because all day long, I feel it pushing and there's this bump where he/she is pushing that NEVER goes away. At first I was afraid that I'm probably going to have a big baby haha..but my belly isn't all that big, I'm always getting comments about how small it is. Oh *sigh* it's starting to get really sore in that one area.


~E~ - July 28

Oh, I soooo understand what you are talking about... I am finishing my 34th week and I am feeling the same way. I think my little one has a tendency to push his b___t into my right side.... it seems too big to be a knee or foot for me. I tap him a little...spank that


~S~ - July 28

Everytime my baby pushes his/her foot into my side, I try to rub it or give it a little push back, sometimes he/she will move, but other times he/she is determined to make that place a foot rest. - July 28

LOL - I thought I was the only one who poked back. Here in a few weeks you should be a little more comfy when the baby drops down.... But then the pressure changes from your ribs to your pelvis. Believe it or not, it'll be a nice change for a little while -- then you'll be here asking "why all this pressure and how do I get this kid outta me sooner" *laughs* Sometimes what helps me (cuz my little one loves to try and poke her finger out of the right side too) is to lay on the left --- then she sort of floats over towards the middle.


Jane - July 29

I can so relate ~S~!!! My sweet pea loves to stay on my right side...I can feel a limb or body part right below my right b___b. lol... It's always hard around that yourself, I always give her a tap to just let her know she's making mommy uncomfortable.



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