It Is Possible It Was Twins

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Jenn - April 25

Just wanted to share this-two gals at my moms work were due this month and one of them went into labor over the weekend. She was due to have a boy-and she did-labor went smooth, va___al birth, etc. BUT, after her son came out she told the doc that something was wrong and she still needed to push-the doc told her that it was normal and that she was going to delivery the after birth. Guess what? Baby number 2 begins to crown and she pushes. It was a girl-6 pounds and the boy was 7 pounds. Now, during her pregnancy-she complained of constant fetal movement and discomfort, had two ultrasounds that confirmed and the doctor said that the boy's heartbeat was so strong that that is why they never heard the second. Crazy huh? She had to send out the family to buy girl stuff as well cause all she got was boy stuff!!! So, yes, it is possible (even these says) for a twin to be missed. She aslo said that the are fraternal twins. Just thought I'd share....:)


marie - April 25

OMG, that is so amazing. I wonder if that will happen to me...


BabyGirl - April 25

Oh wow , that would be crazy!


^lucy^ - April 25

wow wow wow!! i would lose my mind from happiness if i get twins :D let me start praying hehe.. wow that's so cool but poor girl she has an all blue room now :)


Ba8y6irl - April 25

omg thats crazy!!! Good Luck to her!!


SuzieQ - April 25

That's amazing!!! I wondered how that happens now and if the women had u/s's and stuff - it's amazing what surprises can still happen with all this technology :)


meme - April 25

Did her doc ever get to palpate her stomach to determine the position of the baby? I'm guessing not because twins usually comes early & obs seem to palpate later in pregnancy. People ask all the time if I'm having twins, but it's because I'm short & carrying a big, low belly... I'm positive I"m not having twins because my stomach has been palpating several times in the past few weeks (40 & 1/2 weeks now), & doc's never felt more than one baby in there.


ash2 - April 25

i hope it happens to me !!!



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