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jessieb - November 19

GIRL!!! I had my baby girl Friday November 16th at 11:56 am. She weighed 8lbs 10oz & 21" long! Yup, delivered va___ally! Her head was 13 3/4"! she is a big healthy little girl! I was in labor from Wenesday night till friday morning 30+ hours before getting till 5 cms... ugh! After that, I got some pain relief, got some rest and things went FAST after that. My water broke, at 9:30 am. They gave me piticon for an hour and BAM I was ready to push by 11:00. Took me about 45 minutes to push her out, not bad. Her name is Charlotte Grey and I have pictures up on my myspace myspace dot com/jessielajoie


DaBonkElsMe - November 19

Congratulations! I love the name!! Really pretty.


josie4 - November 19

Congratulations Jessie! She's beautiful girl, and big too!! I remember being back in the second tri... Wow, time went by so fast! Congrats again!


claire83 - November 19

oh wow congrats jessieb well im still pregnant we were due the same day no signs for me yet lol you had a girl lovelly as i remember you chose to keep it a surprise til delivery mines a girl too


jessieb - November 19

oh claire! I feel for you! you are going to induce right? when?


claire83 - November 19

i should see the midwife on friday when i'll be 12 days over and shes going to do a sweep and arrange induction for monday when ill be 14 days late


melissap - November 19

Congrats on your baby girl!!! I am just heading in for my induction so hopefully by morning. Glad everyone is healthy and happy!!


jessieb - November 19

go melissa!!! have a great one! good luck, check in with us when you can. claire, I don't know how you are doing it. I was losing it after just a few days and considering castor oil. I can't wait for all the arrivals! Josie, I think we are just about to see how fast time go!! I cna't believe she is 3 days old now. I really can't believe she came out of me. I still marvel at that.


VenusdiMilo - November 23

Way to go Jess!! Congratulations!!


LIN - November 24

Congratulations, Jessie! Wow, it's so strange to see all the girls from way back when on the pregnancy signs forum now having their babies. That seems like another lifetime ago...


staci - November 24

congrats jessie!!


jessieb - November 25

yeah lin, seems like a lifetime ago for sure. Funny how after sooo long, 3 of us had babies within the same month! hahhaha!! Amber had hers just a few months before too.


Megs - November 26

Yeah!!! Congrats on your little girl!!! I hope you are recovering well!!! And of course, enjoying every second of it!



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