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Jl - August 3

I had no morning sickness, just a little nausea once in a while. The heartrate was high, 170's at first, but is now at 138. I was carrying out front like a basketball, but low, not high like the old wives tales say. I have craved pizza and brownies everyday since I've been prego. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!! :)


Jo - August 4

I had no morning sickness, carrying in front like a basketball, somewhat low, I'm living off pizza-can't get enough-and having a boy. His heart rate was 160, but is now 140. You can't go by these things. It'd be nice if you could though.


Jl - August 4

Isn't that funny. But, up until we found out, I wanted EVERY mother to tell me her signs and symptoms and what she had...thought it might be fun. Good luck with your baby boy!


~S~ - August 4

I don't know what I'm having, we decided to keep it a suprise, but I kind of think it's a boy, just from the way I'm carrying and the heartrate...hehe, just a little cute thing that happened lastnight. I was laying on my bed rubbing my belly and said "come on sweetie and tell mommy what you are, are you a boy or a girl???" then I said "Kick mommy if your a girl..." nothing happened, so I said "Okay then, kick mommy if your a boy" and all of a sudden my baby started to become very active and was kicking like crazy! Hahahah...I know that doesn't mean anything, but I thought it was super cute.


Jackie B - August 4

I am having a girl. I am barely showing at 7 months, but she is sitting low and in the back. Her hb is 150s and I have been craving salad with italian dressing. In the begining I fealt sick but never threw up. I had a feeling it was a girl from the minute I got pregnant though, I thin its mother's intuition.


lisa - August 4

i have thrown up from the start.....higher heart rate i think i am carrying just like i did with my boys....craving lots of sweets. this is a girl.


jessica - August 21

jl im having a girl and i only had a little nausea once in a while too. I ate pizza and brownies since i 've been preg. too. Another thing is burgers and french fries.


soleil - August 21

I had horrible morning sickness til 22 weeks but craved pizza and chocolate (dont really like chocolate that much) I really didnt start showing til like 7 mo. even then i was small and it looked liek a basketball.


Amy - August 22

I'm 29 weeks and am carrying my baby straight out front and rather low. You can't even tell I'm pregnant from the back, but certainly can from the side. HA HA! The heartbeat has been in the 140's and 150's. In the first trimester, I had the all-day nausea and aversion to foods like red meat, chicken and Chinese food, but never actually vomited (gross, I know). Anyway, I have craved sweets from the very beginning. I was having ice cream almost every day or some kind of dessert/chocolate. Lately, it has tapered off, but still enjoy something sweet at least every other day. Thankfully, my weight gain is right in line where it should be. That is probably because even though I have loved the sweets, I wasn't eating a lot of any other snacks. Anyway, at 19 weeks, I was told by the ultrasound tech I was having a girl. My ob/gyn however said when looking at the ultrasound photos that our baby could possibly be a boy. So, until our baby gets here, we really won't know for sure. :) We'll be thrilled either way!


Tina - August 22

I agree with everything except the pizza a brownies....I crave cheese sauce!! lol. Like the dip kind. I love it on anything. Gross I know. But the heart beat was 170-173 I have the basketball, and hardly no morning sickness and I am having a girl too!


Jo - August 23

Thanks Jl. It's funny, I've recently been craving brownies. Good luck with your baby girl!


Jo - August 23

Soleil, I don't care much for chocolate either but have been eating candy bars. The first in years really!


Jl - August 23

Thanks Jo - good luck to you too. My husband finally told me that he could not stand to have pizza anymore, that if I continue to make it, he will eat something else...too funny. I have also been getting a lot of heart burn in the past couple weeks. Technically I have 8 weeks to go, but I hope it;s more like 6!!!


looplylou - August 23

yes, heartburn, horrid isnt it, cant stand it. ive been craving milton steralising fluid!!!! and ice lollys, always want swet stuff in evenings, my friend was sure by instinct she was having a boy, but she couldnt stop eating oranges and deserts, she had a girl a month ago



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