It S Going To Burst Out Of Me

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N - October 19

Ok, does anyone else feel like their baby is pushing too hard? I am 35 weeks tomorrow and this baby stretches so hard it hurts. There are lumps that will come out more than an inch, it's usually knees or elbows.. This is my second baby and I didn't have this last time.. but then again my first son was born 6lbs at 40 weeks and this boy is around 6lb already (find out next week if he is too big for vag. birth). I sometimes hold my belly where he is kicking so that the muscles don't feel as stretched.. but then I am afraid I might hurt him. There have been a few times it has felt like muscle is tearing and my belly will be very tender on that side for a few hours. Can baby's really be this strong?


lisa - October 19

i am die sat and its not so bad now but i was exactly the same as you at 35 weeks :-)


Carol - October 19

I'm 37 weeks and it's becoming very uncomfortable for me when she turns and moves around in there. I guess she doesn't have much room, she's in very tight quarters. Only a few more weeks to go...hang in there.


JB - October 19

I know what you mean. I'm just waiting for him to rip open my abdomen, like the creature from Aliens. I keep getting teased by my family that he's so BIG that he'll just walk out.


13 - October 19

Me too! maybe it's a boy thing. Really i think it is because they are so big and can hardly move so they are constantly pushing in the same spot. I have one spot that hurts me a lot. Even when i rub it, it makes it almost even worse. I am almost 36 weeks. It is getting very uncomfortable.


Christy - October 19

I am getting uncomfortable too. My "little guy" measured at 6 lb 12 oz last Thursday, when I was almost 34 weeks. He can definitely inflict pain when he feels like it.


Ca__sie - October 19

I'm only 32 weeks and my baby girl's movements are already beginning to hurt... especially on the left side. She is hardly ever over there it seems (she likes the right side) but when she makes a jab at the left side, it hurts. What is it going to feel like at week 36??


kim j - October 19

i am also about 37 weeks but measuring 40... due date is somewhere between the 7th and 14th hopefully soooner though. sometimes when he moves it feels like he is throwing a fit. probable mad that he has no room... lol we are almost there


Jen - October 19

YES!!!! I feel your pain- literally! His movements have always been strong, but in the last 2 weeks or so it really hurts. I try to hold my belly sometimes too, but like you, I worry that I will hurt him. Changing positions seems to help if you keep getting punched in the same place, but I know my boy always finds his way back to the same spot after a while. Oh well, gotta love them, right?


Tara - October 19

I know how you feel at 37 weeks..There is an excercise you can do to get the baby to move and it is safe i learned it in lamaze cla__s called the "Pelvic Rock" Or "Pelvic Tilt" just look it up on the internet it's hard to explain how to do..but it does help..Good Luck


Steph - October 20

I am also 35 weeks and have been experiencing this for a few weeks now. Sometimes it honestly feels like she is tearing the inside of my stomach. Whenever it happens, it makes me cringe and hold my stomach, but then I try to be thankful that she moves and at least I always know that she is okay and active, because she is ALWAYS moving! :) Good Luck!


Mary - October 20

I was having the same feeling at 35-36 weeks. Imagine how I am feeling now at almost 39 weeks - I feel my belly has doubled in size and every baby movement is quite an experience now, spcially on the pelvic area. Strange but it does feel great to have such a huge belly! :)



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