It S June How Are The June Mommies

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Allie - June 1

Hello all! I thought I would start a new thread for our last month of waiting...I am 37 weeks one day, and can not wait to be done! I couldn't sleep at all last night, kept waking up to BH contractions...walking is getting difficult...but the end is finally in sight!! Any new concerns or vents from anyone else?


Nora1 - June 1

I'm so glad it's June! I am exactly 36 weeks today. As of Tuesday morning, I was 1cm dilated and go back in on Monday to find out if anything has changed. I have carpal tunnel from the pregnancy now and am getting contractions more often that are becoming a little more uncomfortable/painful. When I get up in the middle of the night, I'm finding it harder to walk...I'm always so stiff now for some reason. I didn't expect that one! So, I am just waiting for him to make his appearance now! I guess some of the June Moms ended up having May babies, so maybe the rest of us will go a little early too??


JessDT - June 1

Hi girls! I need to vent, and hopfully get some answers too. i've been having BH contractions for a while now but as of last night there has been a lot of pressure in the pelvic area and my lower back, it really hurts to get up and walk anywhere, or sit down, or lie down or really any position. i don't have a doctors appointment till June 8. should i wait this out, or call my doctors?? oh, and i'm 36 weeks.


San - June 1

Yay it's June! I'm 37wk 1 d as well and very looking forward to the end. Especially since my irritable uterus has been driving me insane lately! Sounds maybe like you're dealing with that too JessDT. This is my second pregnancy and every time I start getting the pains I freak out and wonder how I'm going to know it's ever for At least the end is near :)


Jenn2 - June 1

hey ladies! I went to the doc today for my 39th week exam, and he finally checked my cervix for dialation and effacement. He said he could fit a finger tip into my cervix, and that it was softening up. He said she was very low down, and in the right position, so I am happy with all that. How many of you are first-time moms? I thought I would be more dialated at this point, but doc said its pretty common for first time moms not to dialate very early. anyway, I am hopeing she will come in the next few days so I do not go overdue.


eli83 - June 1

I'm 39 weeks and one day , I am due June 6th. I went for my check up yesterday and my doctor said that my cervix is still closed but the baby's head is very low and she is gonna send me for ultrasound on Monday. she is not gonna induce me til I reach 42 weeks. I wanna hold my baby so bad.


Allie - June 1

JessDT, I am also getting that pressure; especially when I wake up at night and have to use the bathroom - the dr. says it is very normal to feel the pressure in the pelvic area. Jenn2, this is my first pregnancy (I have two children that came with my husband). I keep hearing mixed stories about either being dilated forever, or not at all and going into labor the next day, so it seems to be really mixed regardless of the # of children you have had...I'm glad your dr. finally checked you; I know you mentioned in previous postings that it was bothering you a little...I am hoping to have some progress reported at my appt tomorrow morning...wish me luck!


krista-lee - June 1

looks like im gonna be a june mommie! i was due May 26th, but he/she just doesnt want out! my doctor decided to re-do my dates and he said i should expect the baby about June 3rd... which is in 2 days : ] still no dilation yet though!


Lindsey - June 1

i'm due 11th june, but i really want my baby now. i'm getting so excited, i hope i dont go over, this is my 1st baby. my hospital bag has been packed for 6 weeks LOL and i can't wait to use it.


Corrine321 - June 1

Finally! I am now 37 weeks and 3 days, I just had another doctors appt yesterday and im almost fully effaced and im still 2 1/2 cm dilated! Im hoping she comes soon, her due date is June 19th! So not long! Ive been having very bad back aches and so much BH contractions! Lots of pressure also! And like i said before she is already in position to come out!! I cant wait to hold my beautiful baby girl!! Good Luck To You All!!


lindsay - June 1

i'm due june 7th and am hoping i go anytime now!!! i'm ready, lol! this is my second baby and i actually think i am more apprehensive about this birth than my son's, but i think it's just because i had NO idea what to expect 4 years ago, and now that i know the routine, i want things to go one way, but know they will go however they want...does that make any sense??lol anyway, i am ready and excited, just nervous because there is a high chance i could hemmhorage w/ the type of placenta i have, but i am trying to not think about that and just focus on getting my little girl here! having a lot of contractions today and also some "period-like" discomfort, but i wouldn't go as far as to call it cramping... hopefully something happens soon so i won't have to be induced next week!! good luck to all in waiting! Jenn2-we sound about the same..wanna race??? HAHAHA


mia - June 2

hello june mommies well i was quite shocked when i saw this thread i didn't think that there were many june mommies left i know we are only just in june but what with 2 of our june moms already mommies i thought i would be here on my own.i'm due on june 18th i'm 37wks and 5 days.LINDSEY I feel a bit like you, this will be my second my first was 7 yrs ago,i'm a little anxious,probabbly because we know whats going to happen:)


Heather W - June 2

Hi I am here to loin you all...I was due on May 30th...but here it is June 2nd...and I'm still pg...Hopefully not much longer...But when ever he comes he does I guess...I'm ready for baby to be here and healthy!!


Dia_ - June 2

Oh - you poor May mommies! To be forced over into June...I bet you are all miserable!! I am due June 13th (38.3 weeks) and I had my membranes stripped last Wed. No pains or anything with that, but I has caused me to consistently be losing my mucus plug. I go back on Wed for my next appt. Good luck ladies!!!


Jenn2 - June 2

Lindsay- I am due June 8th, so we are in the same place. I read a thread a while back ( I cant remember who started it), about not wanting their baby to be born on june 6th b/c of 6/6/06. I do not believe in that kind of stuff, but I still dont want to have my baby girl that day b/c then she will have to have that stigma with her the rest of her life. I am hopeing I either go before that, or right afterwards. .....just not next tuesday. I guess you and I are really in a race since our due dates are practically the same. I guess we will see. So far, I have not had any cramping or discomfort, so I have no idea when to expect her. When I went to the doctor yesterday and he did my first internal....he said she was really low down, so he tought I would be having pelvic pain. I told him I seriously have not had any pelvic pain. I was actually concerned she was too far up b/c I have not felt anything. I suppose I will know when I do go into labor. anyway, keep me posted.


MooBaby - June 2

Hi Ladies! Sorry for any May mommies that are now June Mommies, I am sure you are anxious to meet your little ones! Hang in there! Dia, I am due June 13th as well... but my Dr. is super hands off and I haven't had an internal yet. You have had your membranes stripped? Any particular reason? Other than lots of BH contractions I don't feel like baby is coming any time soon. That makes me a little nervous! I feel so in the dark!! Oh, and Jenn2... I know, I don't believe in the whole 666 thing either, but nonetheless, I would prefer not to have my son on that day... I keep seeing that creepy preview for the movie thats coming out about the devil child and I have to run and turn the tv off... so creepy... us mommies have enough to worry about... why do they make movies like that? Okay, maybe I am just being a bit overly sensitive. :)


Jenn2 - June 2

MooBaby- that movie is the reason I have started getting nervous about my baby being born that day. I personally do not belive it means you will have an evil child, but I just dont want the comments from other people and/or my child to get comments made to her throughout her life b/c of that being the b-day. I swear if I go into labor that day.....I will get someone to tie my legs together until the 7th rolls



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