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ataylor724 - June 1

Not so much a question, just a quick vent. It is so damn hot!!! I live in San Diego and don't have air conditioning. You can only go to the indoor malls so many times before it gets old. My husband tells me to just turn on a fan or take a cool bath. Like that really works for longer than 10 seconds. It's 12:30 at night and I can't get to sleep because I can't cool down even with the window open and fan on. I don't know how I'm gonna deal with 2 more months of this. I'm sure there's others of you in the same position. How are you dealing? Or is it hot as h__l for you, too?


Dia_ - June 1

Hi there! I live in FL and it has been in the high 90's for several weeks now. Miserable! We have even been breaking records. Although, I am luckier than you - I keep my house at about 68 degrees but it is so hot outside my AC cannot keep up, so it stays at about 75 degrees. 38.2 weeks here and I don't even think about going outside until nighttime or super early morning. AND we are gearing up for hurricane season (again!) NO FUN! Just thought I would vent with you :)


dee23 - June 1

aww i feel so bad for you both. we are just heading into winter here. im 33weeks and would completely understand what it would be like if it were hot. thats why we have decided to wait...and seperate this baby and the next by 2 years, making there due dates around the same time.....just to avoid being really fat in summer. reason for the big space though is that because of our wedding next year we miss the bracket for that year......anywho...frosty wishes to you :)


iakram - June 1

I could not have agreed with you more! I'm in Toronto Canada and we had a heat wave for only 3 days but it seemed like forever...the wrost part was that there was a smog advisory so when you'd go out .. not only was it hot but humid..i had a hell of a time breathing! i cannot stand the heat to begin with but with the preg my feet are on fire!! not to mention that i can't tell the difference b/w my feet and ankles anymore they have swelled up everyday and they hurt!!! like you we don't have A/C our bas____nt is nice and cool but i can't even go down there b/c we have some guests who are sleeping there...i feel like kicking them out!!! AHHH it's so nice to vent it makes me feel so much better!! I contantly complain to DH his solution! he gave me his shorts and a huge t-shirt to sleep in [heh heh believe it or not ... it did make a huge difference!] but i'm chewing off his ear to get rid of the ppl living in my nice cool bas____nt!!! good luck ladies just eat lots of freezies and wash your face with cold cold water!! that's what i've been doing :)


Atarahsmommy - June 1

one way to get to sleep is to take a bath or shower get your hair wet and then don't dry off go straight to bed and have a fan b__wing at the bed, should cool you down long enough to fall asleep, (but then there's the 12 times you wake up again at night (=


Catherine - June 1

I hear you. I also live in San Diego, have one more month left though. I just keep the windows open all day and it cools off at night, although I live on the coast. I took a bath the other night and didn't dry off, I cooled off quite a bit. good luck


krista-lee - June 1

im so lucky i live on an island! lol, its actually been really damp and wet here, but no rain, weird lol. all last week it was SUPER hot and all i could do was sit infront of a fan all day.


MamaKW10 - June 1

I understand you entirely! I live in South Carolina & summers here are not cool! Its around 90+ degrees here everyday right now! Luckily I stay inside most of the time & I leave the A.C. on 70! My husband complains 24-7 about being cold! Poor thing but I cannot sleep when I am hot! Try sleeping with as little on as possible or nothing at all! I agree with Atarahsmommy on taking a shower, not drying your hair, & keeping the fan on you! I also crank up the A.C. in the car! Good luck!


cmfqueens - June 1

Hi ladies!!! I'm from the second trimester thread and was just wondering how everybody was doing over here. But anyway I also live in Florida and it is disgustinly hot over here. But I have found this great lotion called Jergens cooling Cuc_mber I believe, and i put in on after the bath or whenever I'm hot, and within seconds it starts to give your skin a cooling action that feels sooo good. Unfourtunetly nothing is going to compensate for not having A/C you poor thing put maybe you can out this on after your cool bath and it last longer then 10 seconds :)


MamaKW10 - June 1

Wow havent heard of that....I will prob. try it out myself!


Been There - June 1

Can you possibly get an inexpensive a/c room unit to help you? With my second child, we didn't have central air, so I treated myself to a room unit and lived in my bedroom. Everyone else called it "The Arctic," but to me it was absolute bliss. You may also be able to use some of those cooler bags or something and lay them somewhere on yourself to help cool you down. I feel for you. I hope you find a solution.


starr - June 1

Oh my! No ac,I would be going crazy.I keep my ac,ceiling fan and my floor fan running.I am in FL and when I went out at 7am it was already about 80degrees.Also my feet and hands tend to swell more when I'm too hot.When I'm at work,everyone is walking around with sweaters and jackets and I'm always hot.Poor you.I'm 37w5d and I don't dare go outside unless I have to.Good Luck


ataylor724 - June 2

Ah, I'm so glad I'm not the only one, but at the same time I feel bad we're all miserable lol. Catherine, I just moved from Carlsbad to San Carlos (El Cajon, Santee area) and I want to go back! I think I'm gonna have to try that cuc_mber lotion, cmfqueens. My aunt also gave me an idea she uses for menapause lol. She said to freeze wet bandanas and put them on your neck and chest at night. They're thin so they don't get the bed wet, but still cool you down. And I feel for those of you in Florida. My husband is there this week for business and keeps telling me how hot it is. I just keep telling him that's what I always feel like so he should have more sympathy :)


Catherine - June 2

ataylor724, funny enough, I live in Carlsbad. My husband's business partner lives in El Cajon and says it is miserable out there, 96 today. Yikes, i feel for you without ac. Is there a public pool you can use to cool off during the day? I've been using the pool at the gym and it helps.However trying to sleep at night is a different story. I can't imagine how hot and uncomfortable you are. sorry, hopefully you don't have too long to go. Good luck


miraclebaby - June 2

Can't you buy one of those window ones cheap at walmart or something and just run it in your bedroom. Thats what I did before we had air conditioning. It worked great. I would wake up freezing. Invest the money its worth it. Good luck !!!


SuzieQ - June 2

Ice packs are wonderful too! One for your feet (or two) and one behind your neck - major points on your body that reduce your body heat quickly :)



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