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t - December 29

I keep itching all over my body is this right? What can I do for this?


kerrie - December 30

yes its normal its due to ur hormones but if u start to get spots to go and see ya doc hope this helps


t - December 30

what can i take or do for the itching?


barbie - December 31

i have tried everything!!oatmeal baths, oils, name it...i have invested in two of those bamboo scratchers, the do-it-yourself kind....they are priceless!!


t - December 31

thanks for letting me know I been trying itching cream but I dont belive it was working.


amber - December 31

it sucks dont it? My husband pours lotion all over me... its completely normal, sorry to say!


t - December 31

is there anything we can do does the lotion work if so why type so i can buy it


t - January 7

i been trying itching creaming but it still itches bad it sucks.


Melanie - January 11

The itching is probably a symptom of your skin stretching. I have used olive oil as well as Aveda oil on my body (mainly stomach, hips, b___tocks, and b___sts) during my entire pregnancy, and have not yet had one stretch mark! It works well!!


leigh - February 9

has anyone else had terrible itching on their scalp as well as all over body itching. This is driving me crazy. This is the most odd pregnancy woe


Suzy - February 10

i have the same problem and my doctor recommended me to use calamine lotion, benadryl cream, or cortizone cream to help with the itching. i use benadryl and it seems I apply it on almost every 30 minutes but it does help with the itching.


Sireen - April 17

I am still in my first trimester and i am itching all over my body even my scalp i donno what to do it is driving me crazy is it normal


Corrina - April 17

Itching is normal to a certain degree, but there is a pregnancy condition a__sociated with this and you should have your doctor check to be sure. The cocoa shea b___ter formula lotions work well, they sell them at all pregnancy clothing stores or babies r us.


Sarah - May 17

I applied Aveeno lotion a couple times a day, but it didn't do much for the itching (and I still got stretchmarks). Cortisones just dry the skin more, but help with rashes. Getting sun seemed to help me a little, although I still itched like crazy at night. I take a benadryl antihistime at night to knock me out.


SARAH - May 23

I told my doctor that I can't stop itching, and he sent me for some blood work to check my liver function. Everything was okay, but you 'scratchers' may want to bring it up at your next prenatal check-up. It could be something serious.


muneca - May 23

DONT SCRATCH YOUR BELLY!!!you will nasty stretchmarks like me...try drinking alot of water or try cocoa b___ter lotion from stretch marks. i had a rare disease(atleast thats what i call it) called PUPPPS not an MA yet so here is a website you can go to for more accurate info..


Melissa - June 13

I bathe with Aveeno bubble bath soap. It worked great for me. And I use that coacoa b___ter for the belly. I know that stretch marks are genetic but that lotion keeps my skin moist and my skin doesn't itch. My scalp itches too. Until I read this board I just thought it was just me and it never dawned on me that it could be a pregnancy thing.



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