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Adriana - October 19

i can't seem to stop itching. i've gotten bumps all over and they look like chicken pox only their not. (i had them checked by my doctor) have any of you ever experienced this? and what did you do? i'm 33 weeks. please help i itch!


Elizabeth - October 19

I had something like that a few weeks ago, I am currently 33 weeks also, I was worried that it was pups b/c everyone said pups is a raised rash that itches like crazy and does not go away until after you deliver. My rash comes and goes and is not always red and bumpy. Taking a shower with burts bees peppermint soap calms my skin and using gold bond lotion helps too. The gold bond smells terrible, but the scent only lasts about 20 min. When I asked my dr. she had my liver function tested and it turned out to be fine, so I chalk all the itchiness up to hormones. Good luck, I know there is nothing worse than itching all the time.


Kaeli - October 20

I have been really itchy lately too, but I dont have the raised bumps. I asked my doc about it, he said that with our hormone levels changing, our bodies get hotter, so try to stay away from really long hot showers (which I love) but they dry the skin out unless you heavily moisturize. The other thing he said was when out body temps go up, we release histamines (sp?) from our skin which can really make us itch. He said if you cool the skin down with a cool damp towel that should help. If that doesnt work, he said that the Benedryl gel is fine to use in moderation. So good luck to you!


Mary - October 20

I have PUPPs (google it), which may be what you have -a rash that develops later in pregancy and itches like crazy. Someone in this site told me to use Granda's Pine Tar Soap (you can buy it at health stores) which was the only thing that truly helped me. I know you will go through all the over the counter medications and all other advise to try to get some relief. When you are done with all of them, take a chance an go buy that soap and use it a couple of times a day, you will see than in less than 4 or 3 days the itching will be gone and with constant use, your rash wil be totally under control. i know it is hard to believe that a silly soap can solve the problem, but it does.


Lesley - October 20

Itching can be a sign of liver failure, or something like that. Ask for a blood test to rule that out though. If you have it, you will need to deliver the baby by 37 weeks or there is a high chance it can be still born.


Jenell - October 20

I am itchy too. I am in my 27th week. Mostly my stomach but reall everywhere. I have tried using coco b___ter and it seems to be helping for now. Worth a shot!


Shari - October 25

My OB says it is perfectly safe to take Benadryl. It helps take away the itch, and it can help you sleep!


erica - November 2

I have had the same problem. I have a small rash on just my stomach. It itched so bad that I wanted to cry. My dr. finally perscribed me zirtec which is an anti-histamine and has stopped the itch. The rash is still there but is managable now.



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