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Nurs2b21 - November 13

My va___a is itching really bad and I've noticed it is a bit red......does anyone know what this could be? I thought i might have a yeast infection but I don't have any weird discharge or anything. Everytime DH and I have s_x I usually get really raw and red but it will go away and this is not going away. Any advice?


rebolson - November 13

Hi~ I've had the same problem. I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and 3 appts ago, I told the dr that I was itching and irritated, but there was no discharge. She took a swab and even commented about the excess redness/irritation, but no discharge. That test came back fine. Then the itching subsided, but when I went for the next appt, I was tested for Group B Strep and through that they found I had bacterial vaginitis (no symptoms). THEN, when I went for my last appt, the dr swabbed to make sure the infection was clear and it was. THEN....three days later, the itching started up again. That was last Friday and here it is Tuesday and I'm still wanting to take a big old steel brush to the area (if you know what I mean!!). When I talked to my doc about it before, I got the "change of detergents?/change of fabric softener?/change of soap? know 20 questions. Thing is, nothing has changed. Anyway, long story....sorry! I don't have a definitive answer for you, but you're not alone! I have another appt today and I'm mentioning the itching again...I could technically have this baby any day and I'm not crazy about having a v____al birth if there's some sort of infection down under! I'll let you know what my doc says. GL!


Kiersten - November 13

Hi! You could have a yeast infection. I've had two this pregnancy and both times I never noticed any real difference in my discharge. If you've gotten checked out and it's not a yeast infection you could try using some hydrocortizone (sp?) to relieve the itching somewhat. I feel your pain. It can be agonizing! Definitely talk to your doc about it though. You don't want long-lasting infections down there! GL!


hayley817 - November 13

hi, i recently suffered the same and was diagnosed with thrush and given some canestan combi eased it within a few days, hope this helps x


Nurs2b21 - November 13

Thanks for the help ladies! It's got worse today...I'm like you Rebolson..I'm about to take a steel brush to it! haha. I'm going to the doc tomorrow so hopefully she'll give me something for it. Thanks!


rebolson - November 13

OK...back from the dr...she checked for yeast and that's not it...UA came back "clean" too, so if anything was there, it might show up in the UA sample too. She explained it's probably just all the hormones stirring up stuff since the itching is coming and going. Weird. Good luck! Oh, and ps-Good news! I'm being induced tomorrow....YEAH!!!! She also said if it was bacterial vaginitis or a yeast infection, that wouldn't hurt the baby in a v____al delivery...just Group B strep and chlamydia would be a problem and I'm clear of that lovely stuff. GL!


Nurs2b21 - November 13

Aww Rebolson that is so exciting! I would be so happy if I knew I was going to be having my baby that soon. Good luck to you! I'm glad everything was okay at the doctor.


evae777 - November 13

what is group b strep? is this something they automatically tested for? i have itching too. called the doc they said use monistat 7 to see if it goes away since it might be yeast. well, the redness is gone and so is most of the itching, but it still itches!! i'm miserable so i have to go in again...


Buffi R. - November 15

Evae - that's something you'll probably be tested for around 35 weeks. If you test positive, they'll give you an antibiotic during (or before??) the labor so the baby doesn't catch it on the way out. It's harmless, just has to be treated if you have it.



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