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Dawn - September 19

Hello everyone. I'm in my 34th week of pregnancy - expecting my 4th daughter. About a month ago, I started experiencing terrible itching on my back, shoulders, arms, and sometimes legs and feet. It has progressively gotten worse. It's the worst at night and now it's to the point that I'm up all night. I've tried Benadryl and creams. Almost every night I end up in cool bath water to help. I have 3 other daughters that need me and with no sleep my nerves are shot and I'm exhausted. I haven't mentioned it to my doctor because I hate to complain and I've already brought up the vuvla varigitis and varicose veins in my leg being so uncomfortable. Can anyone offer advice as to what this could be? I feel as though this is going to drive me nuts. Thanks in advance for any help.


brucen - September 19

You should probably mention the itching an your symptoms to your doc, that what s/he is being paid for. Some itching during pregnancy is normal but severe itching may be indicative of another problem. Check out the sites below, copy and paste into the address bar. By the way, what is vuvla varigitis? Here are some sites that give advice about the itching:


Dawn - September 21

Thank you Brucen for replying. I called my doctor yesterday. He told me to take 2 Benadryl every 4-6 hours and called in a prescription ointment. I really hope this helps, but have my doubts. Vulva varigitis (sp?) from what I gather from my doc is varicose veins in the v____a. It's very uncomfortable. I also have 3 hernias - I think this is another reason as to why I'm in pain so often. Again, thanks for replying to my question. Hope all is well with your pregnancy.


brucen - September 21

Wow , it even sounds uncomfortable. I hope the benadryl helps and that becoming a mommy (again) gets easier for you!



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