Itching And Night Sweats

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leigh - February 22

Is there anyone else out there that suffers from these two symptoms. I sweat pretty much every night and i cant quit scratching. I have convinced myself I am a hyperchondriac. Is this something alot of pregnant women deal with.


Ashley - February 22

Well I'm constantly sweating now. I've never been a sweater before, in fact I was always cold... now (34 weeks preggo) and get sweat marks all the time. Funny thing is it doesn't even feel or smell like sweat, its just water on my back, in b/w my b___bs... I know sounds gross! The itching thing, I'm itchy but not crazy itchy. I can manage it with lots of cream.


layla - February 22

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, and have night sweats also. Well I seem to be sweating all the time. It's annoying. I haven't had too much problems with itching, but it is pretty common due to the stretching of the skin. Drink plenty of water, and keep your skin moisturized with a good lotion to help with the itch. I guess we just have to deal with the sweating.


Em - February 23

YES! I wake up and I'm drenched and my sweat too just seems to be like water more than sweat. During the day I sweat a lot too, one day my underwear were all damp (not to gross anyone out). I itch a lot on my belly, especially if I'm out in the cold weather walking.


leigh - February 23

thanks for your replies. I feel better. You know if you look up all these crazy symptoms of pregnancy on the medical websites. You can convince yourself you have some sort of horrible cancer or something. Maybe anxiety is my worst preggo symptom. Ha Ha


Belinda - March 4

I was just looking for the same answer to night sweats!! I am 8 wks preg. and just woke up last night with my head dreanched along with my chest and back!


Betty - March 6

I googled "night sweats pregnancy" and ended up here, because this morning I woke up drenched, and it's been getting worse the last couple of weeks (I'm 14 weeks now). But now I feel better that I don't have something horrible!!


Daria - March 10

Oh thanks God I've found this page and thank you all! I thought it was something horrible and the doctors here (I live in Russia) always say frightful things! I think we'd better stop reading medical stuff and enjoy the pregnancy! (25 weeks preg. and I've been sweating only at night for 2 months already)


Christy - March 13

Thank you so much. I am having night sweats and I am six weeks preg. I now know I am not crazy!


lisa - March 13

im 40 weeks and due today its my 4th child and this is the only one where ive been itching ive only been doing in the past week or so


Marianne - March 20

Hi! I just googled 'night sweats pregnancy' as well and got this page. I am only 4W2D but the last two nights I've woken up absolutely drenched. I was so scared because it was SO weird! This is my 1st pregnancy after 3 years of trying and this last attempt was our last IVF attempt. I am soo glad that I'm not the only 'sweater'. :-)


Meghan - March 21

Oh thank God! I thought I was breaking a fever every night or something. I'm just at 5 weeks and I've been waking up soaked all over for about a week! Yay! It IS normal!


Caroyn - March 24

Itching might also be related to the fact that sweat has a lot of salt in it. I remember reading some where that some people get very itchy when they excercise. A quick shower would help that.


Nancy - April 6

This is my third pregnancy and I have never before experienced these night sweats. I have been having them for 2 weeks now. I am 33 weeks along and have other medical complications. I was getting very worried about talking with my Doctor. Thank you all so much for your repsonses and Ashely for being brave enough to ask. There is not any information out there for us to find on any search engine. Good luck everyone.


Debbie - April 9

Thank God I found this site, I thought something was wrong with this pregnancy, this is my fourth child (suprise baby). I thought maybe the night sweats were due to my age(39)


Sandy - April 9

This is my first pregnancy and I am always so hot. We turn the heat down to 62 and I still wake up so hot. If I had known this ahead of time, I would have never wasted my money on maternity sweaters. What a waste!


LP - April 12

Thank God for Google--I am just under 12 weeks and have been having serious night sweats for the past month. I don't even sweat when I work out, but when I sleep it is really nasty, I wake up drenched head to toe, sometimes more than one time in the same night...and of course I am cold because I am now soaking wet. Has anyone asked her doctor about this? I am relieved to see so many other women experience it, why is there not more information available?



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