Itchy Belly

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J - August 26

My belly has been sooo itchy the last couple of days. I am 33 weeks and have been using the same stretch mark cream the entire pregnancy and it almost seems like I am having an allergic reaction? My belly even has some small skin colored bumps???


Sonya - August 26

Are the bumps red and raised?


J - August 26

They are a little pink but hardly noticable unless you really look but I can feel them.


Sonya - August 26

You might have PUPPS (a rash developed by less than 1% of woman during the later stages of pregnancy). I had it with my first pregnancy at 39 weeks and this time I got it at 32 weeks. It does not cause harm to baby or you other than being the most annoying itch you have ever felt. Make and appt. with your Dr. for evaluation but be prepared that there is not much that can be done. It is not curable, only somewhat manageabale with ointments and oral steroids. Good Luck. (and I really really hope you don't have it)


J - August 28

Thanks. I looked it up online. What a pain! It is very itchy!!!! I have an appt. tomorrow with my OB. I am 33 weeks and I have had it for a few days now.


Sonya - August 28

J-Let me know what your Dr. says. I have heard that Grandpa's Pine Tar soap works wonders for PUPPS. I bought some today and have used it once already. Some people have had the rash disappear within a week. I am hopeful. I bought it at Sun Harvest, but I think you can get it at large specialty pharmacies and at health food stores.


To Sonya - August 29

I just came from my doctors office and she said that I do not have PUPPS because there is little if no rash. She said I would know it if I had it. She said it is probably just estrogen levels and stretching and advised me to use benedryl cream. Hope this helps! Thanks!


Sonya - August 29

To J, I am sooo glad for you. Keep an eye on it anyway just to be safe. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.



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