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Nell143 - November 23

OMG I am going nuts... my belly itches so bad. I noticed little bumps on my stomach.... first I thought it was because of the stretch marks but I bought some vitamin E oil to help but it isn't and omg I need some advice.... I don't want to make the stretch marks worse but it is soooo hard not to scratch.


vonzo - November 24

Hi Nell, i had this when i was pregnant too and went to the dr. In my case the Dr said that in your hair folicles you have "friendly" bacteria, when you're pregnant your homones go biserk and this can promote hair growth which creates more of this "friendly" bacteria, this can get trapped and cause a wee rash. I got some cream and it cleared it up great! Maybe you have something similar.


Nell143 - November 24

Thank you for your response vonzo... maybe i will try some hydro cortisone.


babydreams - November 24

Hi Nell: Sorry about the itchiness. This sounds a lot like a pregnancy skin condition that I was diagnosed with ... it's called PUPPP and is very annoying, but causes no harm to the baby. I broke out on my stomach in little hive-like bumps that eventually spread to my thighs, b___t, arms and feet. It is HORRIBLE and so itchy. Do a google search for "PUPPP/rash/pregnancy" or some variation of that, and you can learn a little baout it. Don't worry about making the stretch marks worse ... they have minds of their own. My rash started in a TINY little stretch mark, and two weeks later, I had violent stretch marks on either side of my stomach. There wasn't anything I could do to prevent them from growing like that ... so I decided (with help from my husband) not to worry. Anyway, I'm 37+ weeks and my rash is finally starting to clear up a bit. I still itch at night, but I can deal with it for now! Good luck. P.S. If your rash is PUPPP, try taking benadryl, using Caladyrl cream/Aveno Anti-Itch lotion, and taking Flax Seed oil. I also take acidophilous, which might help too.


amberC - November 24

sorry to hear this but i know exactly where your coming from. cortizone 10. it is the best thing. i have been having this problem since i was like 25 weeks and now im 38 weeks. cortizone 10 is the only thing that works for me. it may be a preg rash but mine isnt. the doctor said my skin is just dry from the stretching and the warm weather. if it isnt a preg rash palmer's cocoa b___ter cream helps to stop the dry skin.


Kitiara - November 25

Hi Nell, I totally agree with babydreams and suffered from the same symptoms as both yourself and her. I was constantly itchy from around 22 wks but developed a rash starting from my stretch marks at about 34 wks. Little bumps/water filled blisters were all over my stomach and b___sts and it eventually spread to my arms and a much worse one in between and then down my legs to my knees. The rash stayed with me for just over a week before most of it disappeared. I still do have it between my legs though and still constantly itchy but not with as much pain now. Once you have bub all the symptoms will disappear within a couple of weeks, i guarantee you. As babydreams advised to you i did my own homework on PUPP a couple of weeks ago and saw pictures of the rash. It looked very similar to mine and thats how i came to the conclusion i had it. Congratulatiions and believe me, that itchiness will go away. Good Luck!



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