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Tasha - October 12

Here is my birthstory!! just had my beautiful baby girl on Tuesday the 7th and thats exactly how it started for me! I started having contractions on Thursday prior, finally went in to L&D on friday night, all that was happening was thinning they sent me home, told me to come back when they are closer mind you I had a previous c-sec and was trying for a v-bac. I was almost a week overdue at this point and I was told that I have to becareful...anyways, I had contractions for 3 more days went in again on the MOnday morning very early because I havent slept in 3 days and they were getting stronger, and a little bit close together, not 5 mins though. SO went in and I was 1 cm!!! I was like WHAT!!! 1 CM!!! you must be joking. Then I got really emotional because I just thought I can not handle this, the pain was to much and Im only 1 cm. So I gave in and said can I have another c-sec, they gave me some demorol to try and sleep, sent me home and said think about it, if I really wanted it to come back that night, so after sleeping, thank god!! I still couldnt handle this pain when I didnt have an end insight, I mean it took me 4 days to get 1 CM, how long to get to 10??? So I went back Monday night with the full intention of having a c-sec, well turned out I dialated another cm..yay! DR told me I could try for my v-bac. They would break my water and see how I progressed..I was so happy!! That started the longest day of my life!!! At 10:20 they broke my water, go the epidural, by 7am I was 8CM thinking this would fly by I was so happy...not the case, by 12pm still they started oxytoxin, got to 10 by 2pm, at this point I have been in bed for 16 hours, not fun, couldnt have anything to eat or drink for about 24 hours now...that was the worst, I wa so thirsty! Anyway, at 4:30 they said I could start baby girl came out at 5:42...that was very painful, but I was so happy to see her!! We didnt know what we where having and I was convinced it was a boy...all is well and I was so happy to do the v-bac, athough the labor was horrible the recovery has been a breeze!! Oh and her name is Sadie Kathryn, 7lbs, 5oz!!


joeby321 - October 13

Congratulations Tasha!!!! I am so sorry that your delivery was so long but thankfully you have a healthy and beautiful little princess in your arms now!!


mjvdec01 - October 13

Congratulations! That is so great. Enjoy your baby girl.


caseyann - October 14

Congrats Tasha! So glad everything turned out so good! :) I love the name Sadie!


GreatGal - October 15

Congratulations!!!!! glad to hear that everything went well for you :)


mquintana - October 17

Congrats! And on my birthday!



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