Its Being Induced Dangerous

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kathy - August 8

hi I am 39 wks and I went to the doctor today and he told me that I wasnt dilating yet, my due date its this friday Aug 12, and he told me that I may go over my due date, and if that happen he will induced me on Aug 20th, I really want to have this baby now, but since this is my first I would like to know if it is dagerous to get induced, does it hurt?


ekay - August 8

Just let it be your decision whether or not to be induced, unless medically necessary. Maybe your body just isn't ready yet. I just witnessed my sister being induced and you couldn't pay me to take pitocin. It seems to me a ton more painful and depending on your preference, it seems going without an epidural is almost impossible. In my opinion, if I were in your shoes, I would just try to wait it our. Childbirth is a natural phenomenon, so why not let it come naturally. Just my opinion.


tara - August 8

It is not dangerouse but labour will hit suddenly and contractions will be harder then if you were to go into labour your self. I don't know if the induction it self hurts, but it can't possibly be any more pain than a contraction! You still have lots of time, you may just go into labour your self.


miranda - August 8

The thing to keep in mind is that if your body is not ready for labor, being induced for no good reason will probably just mean a c-section, which has much higher risks and harder recovery than a normal v____al birth. It's really best to let your body do the work when it's ready, as unpopular as that may be with your dr and many others.


sherry - August 8

I delivered my first all natural, 3 days induction my second I was induced a day late. The induction did not hurt, it did not harm the baby and the labor and delivery was quicker than my natural birth. The contractions were about the same. I had no pain killers with either pregnancy and would say they were both positive experiences so do not be afraid of the process of induction which is done through iv!


tara - August 9

also remember that unless there is a good reason for induction Drs usually don't suggest it. If you are due on the 12th and nothing happens by the 20th it's a pretty good reason to induce. You shouldn't go over 10 days of your due date. If you really don't want to be induced you can ask your Dr. to wait untill the 22nd.



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