Izechsmama How Are You

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whatisgoingon - November 2

Hey! Wondering how you are going? Do you have your computer back up and running yet? Noticed you had posted on November 2nd here in third trimester, so thought I would check. Hope everything is going well with you family and your lo in there! I am 32wks & 3days, I see the Dr next Tuesday - yay! Time is just flying by and I can't believe I only have approx 8wks left in my pregnancy, I am so excited to meet my little man! Have been keeping myself busy the last day or so washing all his clothes, sheets, towels etc. He has so much stuff I am jealous! LOL Bit scary to think after I have washed all his stuff the only thing to really prepare for his arrival is packing my hospital bag and his stuff. Will be good to see the midwife at my next antenatal class November 21st, it's on labour so should be quite interesting! I have a question for you too - have heard/read that some women do "perineal massage/stretching" prior to birth n that it helps prevent bad tearing, did you ever do this? I am not sure what to think or whether or not to give it a go..


izechsmama - November 3

hey you.. yeah i posted back to you on our other board.. but its been awhile.. i dont get to move over here for another month yet... but will be sooner than i think i'm sure... i cannot believe you're gonna have your little boy in 2 months.. thats unbelievable.. i'm so excited for you... we have alot going on.. my sons 2nd bday is next weekend... and then on Thanksgiving we're leaving for a little much needed family trip... do some shopping and get ready for my husbands bday and Christmas! but i'm still here... baby moves alot and my next appt is Monday... should be routine and then i will be getting ready to do my gestational diabetes testing next appt... in answer to your question i havent heard of that ma__sage thing.. i didnt do any of that and i didnt really have a problem.. let me know what you come up with... but anyways.. keep me posted on your progress.. and i would love an email of a recent belly pic!


kamivy - November 5

Congrats girls I remember you both from the ttc board (i'm still there:-( ) Izechsmama last I heard your dh had zero sperm count and you'd given up for the time being. But you're pregnant now? That's wonderful, did the prob's on dh's end sort itself out did it?


izechsmama - November 5

Kamivy.. thank you.. yes i'm pregnant again... :) almost 24 weeks now... with a little boy... we went against my husbands Dr's judgement.. they wanted him to have an MRI for the low testosterone and zero sperm count... i did some research online and decided that we would stay off testosterone injections and put him on a daily multi-vitamin to help increase testosterone production... we knew that since he had zero sperm count it takes approximately 3 months or 72 days for sperm to completely rebuild after being zeroed out... so we went that route and on my 4th cycle of him doing this i got pregnant.. so it worked really well and we are really happy.. hes no longer having problems with his testosterone and he went from seeing a dr every two weeks to not seeing a dr since march i think... so we're good now.. and Dr's arent always right... how are you doing?


kamivy - November 5

Thats fantastic. Congratulations again. I'm just plodding along. Halfway through my 2ww on 3rd round of clomid. It's been a year now ttc #2. I have PCOS and just had lap 2 months ago and was diagnosed with endometriosis also. It was surgically treated, but I was told it was too minor to be confirmed as a problem in regards to fertility. So there's nothing more I can really do, dr has already mentioned ivf but we wont be going that route, so we just keep on trying. :-/ Anyway I better get back to my board before the 3rd trimester ladies kick me out! :D


whatisgoingon - November 5

Hey "Kamivy" good to hear from you! Keep your head up high & try stay positive with your ttc! I remember how hard it was for me waiting 6mnths to conceive, I cant even imagine what you and your dh must be going through. I am a believer that everything happens at the right moment, for the right reason & your little miracle will arrive when he/she is ready. :) I was completely shocked when I found out about Izechs also, it was such fantastic news & it really does go to show that even if everything isnt going perfectly in the ttc department..it will happen! :)



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