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rpats - November 4

Hello Ladies! Where are all the January mommies at??? I will be 29 weeks tomorrow :) Very exciting, yet the thought of the baby actually arriving is now becoming more and more of a reality.... a bit nerve wrecking . haha I hope to hear how everyone else in my boat is doing!


les706 - November 4

Hey rpats! I remember you from the clomid board. I'm another clomid success story. Had my baby boy on October 3rd (4 weeks early but perfectly healthy). You're in the final stretch...so exciting! Do you know what you are having? Good luck to you!


rpats - November 5

Hey Les! Yes- you were successful with clomid around the time I joined that board :) That is so nice - a baby boy, how cute. Wow- he sure was anxious to come join the world huh? So glad he is healthy :) Yes, i still pop onto that forum to keep updated on the other ladies that were there for me when i went through the clomid stress :(.... and i am always thankful that i made it to the finish line with just the one round.... I am almost there now...:) We are not finding out the s_x of the baby, so I am patiently awaiting the big day to see if i have a lil girl or a lil boy :) Thanks so much Les- i hope your lil one is a good boy!


michelleishopeful - November 5

Hey ladies, I was on here a long time ago last summer and had totally forgotten about this! I am 28 weeks and 4 days. I am having a little girl. She loves to kick around and make a scene! Cannot wait to meet her!! I went on early maternity leave due to discrimination toward me for being pregnant. Started to have contractions...anyway, DH and I are so excited to welcome our first baby! Don't have anything that we need, but that'll come with time. Due January 26th. How are you all?!


rpats - November 6

hello! I am Due Jan 21st :) My lil one kicks alot as well, and this past week it has definitely gotten stronger and stronger...feels so funny. This is our first baby so this is all new to me. Question - have any of you ladies gotten the swine flu vaccine? I am so confused as to whether or not I want to get it...


michelleishopeful - November 7

rpats, how exciting you are just a few days ahead of me! This is such an exciting (and painful) time of pregnancy! ;) The baby's not quite big enough but feels as though she can pack a punch! As for the H1N1 vaccine, I have done so much research and there are positives to both sides. I personally have decided not to get it even after my doctor wanted me to. There have been so many adverse reactions that I have heard about. I think that if we just wash our hands after and before eating and bathroom and just be conscious there won't be a problem...unless you have a coworker coughing all over you. :-\ Hope you are all well! We will be mums the month after NEXT. Whoa!!


rpats - November 9

hey Michelle! I agree with you, that has been my logic these past few months -that there is just not enough research and proof that the vaccine will help rather than hurt.... so I just have to be extra careful.... its just scary since there are so many sick people around all the time. I ride a train to work everyday - NYC - so that is always a bundle of joy as people breathe and cough all over me. UGh! Just a few more WEEKS to go though right? i know- i cant believe that myself... and with Thanksgiving just 2 weeks away, and Xmas a month after that, time is going to fly! I feel like I need to step up getting myself prepared now... I have been kind of relaxed about it all until this point :) I hear you- this lil one can sure cause an earthquake in there... haha Although I have a friend whose little girl used to kick her so hard she literally got black & blues on her belly.... mine is not that bad so I should count myself lucky! haha


PinkAmerican - November 9

Hi rpats (et al.), I was just thinking how we needed this over here...I was a touch confused by the Jan 2009 heading though. I guess that's the problem with being due right after the year changes. We've started parenting/birthing cla__ses that will eat away at half of my final stretch. Yay! Baby's movements are getting more forceful and he hiccups a lot. Very much like having an alien inside. On the H1N1 tip...I got the vaccine. I was in tears as I researched it because all the 'controversy' around it. Here's what made up my mind: 1) Third trimester, I'm already having issues with breathing which means my likelihood of developing pneumonia as a result of any flu is higher and that's the problem with catching the flu more than the flu itself. 2) I'm not anti-vaccine. My baby will be vaccinated on schedule once he's out. We'll be traveling with him internationally (to India) before he's five. It's a luxury for those who don't leave this country to say they'll refuse because they HOPE their risk of exposure is close to zero (and this highly depends on the other 90%+ of the population getting vaccinated). So I don't think I'm saving him from anything by not doing it now. 3) The H1N1 vaccine was developed the exact same way as the annual flu vaccine...the regular vaccine has caused very few problems across the general population, plus I've had it before and had no issues. That was a part of the choice for me too. 4) I couldn't find anyone who'd recommend I don't get it. I'm seeing a midwife group and using a doula and they all said 'do it'. 5) In general, vaccines have done WAY more to improve the quality of human life than harm it. While someone may have a 1 in a million chances of having a horrid reaction or dying as a result of a vaccine, they have a much larger chance of having complications or death as a result of catching the actual disease. I think people forget that. I'm concerned that diseases that were nearly eliminated in the Western world are making a comeback due to declines in vaccination. And people are declining vaccination because of unsubstantiated claims about the risks of vaccines. I say unsubstantiated because most claims are anecdotal...just an FYI I worked for years with kids with developmental disabilities. MOST were born that way. I personally ever knew TWO that were born healthy, but then developed issues. One's family claimed it occurred after their daughter received a routine vaccine. The other family linked the boy's issues to a virus he contracted that gave him week-long fever as a baby. ALSO, I worked with autism researchers for years as an undergrad...they looked at babies under the age of one for early signs of autism and FOUND it consistently presenting...autistic traits can present as early as birth, but I won't go into that...point I'm making is there's a reason the attempted like btwn autism and vaccines hasn't been proven. Clearly modern day folks have forgotten what it's like to have living family members who had polio or German measles or mumps or whatever. Those are ugly and scarring diseases. Just think of Helen Keller...she was a healthy baby until she contracted scarlet fever or meningitis. Imagine how her life might have been different with vaccines or antibiotics. So, it boils down to what you want to take your chance with. Either way is a risk to some extent, there is no denying that. Well, I'll step down from my soap box now. Sorry if I'm sounding like a downer. This whole topic totally stressed me out for a week. Hope OTHERWISE everything is good with everyone.


michelleishopeful - November 9

PinkAmerican, I totally get what you are talking about. I did that research too, and I am definitely for vaccination. I am still too apprehensive to get the h1n1 vaccination though. I do not know why, it just worries me. I do appreciate all of your information and insight, it sounds like you are very smart! :) And you are not a "downer", it's nice to get some new perspective. It's important that everyone has their own opinion and able to share their information as much as they want. :)


rpats - November 11

thanks pinkamerican! def glad to hear your insight... and i agree with everything you said. i just cant make up my mind. knock on wood, but so far i havent gotten even the slightest cold... so i feel good and strong... but i do commute into Nyc every day for work, and being surrounded by hoards of people on the train isnt fun... so it does make me nervous. I just dont knwo what to do... gotta ask my doc, since i will be seeing her in 2 weeks.... UGH decisions decisions! and i cant believe i put 2009 on this! AHAHAHA sorry


michelleishopeful - November 13

How are you ladies doing with gaining weight? I feel like I am gaining alot more than I should, so quickly! I have been eating right and not too much..arg. I'm sure my doctor is going to have something to say this next Monday at my 30 week appointment. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the 30 week ultrasound! How are you ladieS?


rpats - November 13

Hey Michelle- I have always hated my weight. hehe i am 5'6" and weighed about 170lbs before pregnancy...not the end of the world, but I really wanted to be around 150lbs pre-pregnancy. In any case, I didnt gain anything the first few months, and only gained my first 5 lbs at about 24weeks. Then at my last appt at 28weeks she said I gained another 8lbs... so she wasnt too pleased with that. I am scared to go back next week! haha and the odd thing, i still try to get a few days of walking on the treadmill in, and my appet_te has barely changed- i dont eat any more than I did pre-pregnancy. I am going to ask her if she can tell me how much the baby weighs...as I am curious to know.... I dont know where this weight is coming from... the only thing i may eat a LITTLE more of is sweets- and i mean a bite sized candy here and there. On a different note, we went to get our 3D and 4D ultrasound done this week. It was SOOOOO adorable. The baby finally co-operated (last time we went a week before that and the baby had his/her hands over his/her face the whole time- tried 3 times, and got nothing). I can see from the ultrasound that the cheeks are nice and CHUBBY... just the way I like them! :)


PinkAmerican - November 13

Hi ladies, On the weight...I'm 5'6" and was 187 prepregnancy (let me say that makes me a solid size 12...I've always hated my weight too, but whether I way 155 or 187 I stay a size 12, go figure). Anywho, I'm up about 14lbs all said at this point. The midwives are glad with it, says it puts me right on track for gaining about 20-25lbs. I'm still swimming 3 days a week and my hunger isn't insane. Actually, as far as portions and calorie intake goes, I'm doing better than I had before pregnancy. Normally I'm a snacker. I have my 31 weeks on Monday...hopefully the weight change is on track at about 1.5-2 lbs. Rpats, I'm glad you had a good 3D/4D experience. We wavered on that, but decided against it (mostly me)...since I know the s_x, I want to be as surprised as possible about the baby's looks (well so long as I know it has all his finger and toes and what not, which I do know). We're getting down to less than double digits now, ladies. Anyone working hard on their birth plan?? We're taking hypnobirthing cla__ses right now. Call me crazy, but I want my odds for a med-free birth to be as high as they can be. I'm no granola mamma, I just don't wan the incision and recovery time and I don't want to slow labor done and/or risk having to use pitocin. I've heard from everyone that's one nasty drug.


michelleishopeful - November 13

Rpats, wow I feel better knowing someone else is similar to me! I'm 5'8" and was about 188lbs. I really wanted to be at 150lbs. pre pregnancy, but that just didn't happen. I gained about three pounds at like 20 weeks and then the next appointment I had gained 7LBS! My doctor eyes got big and she gave me a whole spiel. Then I gained another couple here and there and now..I am at a wopping 206lbs. I don't know how. The weird thing is my body looks the same and my stomach is huuuge. I mean, I bet my body gained some of the weight and not just my belly, but it's just weird. I think alot of it is water weight and as most pregnant woman have that not being regular problem (sorry if that was tmi) which can cause quick weight gain problems. I feel great, I do my yoga and eat my veggies, maybe my body just doesn't like me? haha. Maybe it'll make more sense on MOnday when my doc does the ultrasound..maybe my daughter is a cute little chub, already?...


michelleishopeful - November 16

Hello again, just had my doc appointment and had to get the h1n1 vaccine. Doc said it was mandatory, so I asked her honest opinion and she said it's better to get it rather not. Meh, well. It hurt a little, but not much more than a regular shot. I'm 30 weeks, but my daughter is measuring 8 days ahead. Developmentally she is 30 weeks, but physically she huge for her age. She already weights 4lbs! Ack, the only thing is I'm probably going to have a c-section. Doc thinks the weight progression is going to be so much that if I don't I'll end up giving birth to a 9.5+lbs. baby..ouuuch. So, yes, it has been quite the day. Any news or new things from you ladies? :)


rpats - November 17

LOl. wow- thank god for this forum... i have had weight on my mind since my last appointment. hasnt stopped me from indulging in the occasional peice of chocolate.... but i feel alot more guilty when i do! Looks like the three of us are on the same page with weight gain. I was honestly hoping to gain no more than 20lbs total as i started out overweight. Doesnt look like that is happening.... will just have to get on that excercise horse right after birth! I still do my treadmill walking a few times a week- but i wish i had more time to do it more. I have my next appointment in a week- i dont think my doc plans on doing another ultrasound- but i would be very interested in seeing what the baby currently weighs. You're lucky you got to see that Michelle! But ugh- a C huh? I know- these things are inevitable... I pray I can do the natural WITH the epidural... but who knows what will happen when get to that finish line... anything is possible right? I am also going to ask my doc about the vaccine- she hasnt said anything about it yet... and i have forgotten to ask. So how often do you guys see your OB now? Everyone feeling good I hope... yes PinkAmerican - about to hit the single digit countdown! will be 31 weeks on Thursday!!!!


PinkAmerican - November 17

Hi ladies, Just had my 31weeks yesterday. No weight gain from last time...holding steady at 15 lbs total. Midwife wasn't concerned. Said my uterus is measuring 32 weeks. Says she'll see how things look the next visit. Hopefully this means baby will settle into a less than 9 lb weight. My husband was 10 lbs, I was 11 lbs, BUT both of our moms gained exorbitant amounts of weight (my mom 97 lbs, his mom 70 lbs) and we were both nearly a month late...I'm hoping by avoiding some of this myself I produce a baby closer to 8 lbs (as was the case with the other children my mother had). I'm going to hypnobirthing cla__ses right now, we've also hired a doula. I'm planning on going med free with the hope of getting the L&D over as quickly as possible and minimizing recovery time. I'm feeling hopeful. My next midwife visit is at 34wks then 36 then every week till baby comes. I'm just now starting the time of regular thought "I can't wait to be done with pregnancy". I'm glad I've never been the kind of woman who wanted lots of kids. I couldn't imagine being pregnant and/or b___stfeeding for like 5 years straight. And have either of you watched 18 Kids and Counting...the Duggar family? The woman had number 18 last Jan and is due with 19 next April...except for one birth of twins, ALL singletons...that's two flipping decades of pregnancy. Holy cow. I don't get it. I digress. I hope you ladies are well :)



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