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PinkAmerican - November 17

Hi ladies, Just had my 31weeks yesterday. No weight gain from last time...holding steady at 15 lbs total. Midwife wasn't concerned. Said my uterus is measuring 32 weeks. Says she'll see how things look the next visit. Hopefully this means baby will settle into a less than 9 lb weight. My husband was 10 lbs, I was 11 lbs, BUT both of our moms gained exorbitant amounts of weight (my mom 97 lbs, his mom 70 lbs) and we were both nearly a month late...I'm hoping by avoiding some of this myself I produce a baby closer to 8 lbs (as was the case with the other children my mother had). I'm going to hypnobirthing cla__ses right now, we've also hired a doula. I'm planning on going med free with the hope of getting the L&D over as quickly as possible and minimizing recovery time. I'm feeling hopeful. My next midwife visit is at 34wks then 36 then every week till baby comes. I'm just now starting the time of regular thought "I can't wait to be done with pregnancy". I'm glad I've never been the kind of woman who wanted lots of kids. I couldn't imagine being pregnant and/or b___stfeeding for like 5 years straight. And have either of you watched 18 Kids and Counting...the Duggar family? The woman had number 18 last Jan and is due with 19 next April...except for one birth of twins, ALL singletons...that's two flipping decades of pregnancy. Holy cow. I don't get it. I digress. I hope you ladies are well :)


rpats - November 17

haha- yes- i really wonder if she even remembers what it feels like to NOT be pregnant. I dont feel anxious to get the pregnancy over with yet. Knock on wood, but i had it good- so I cant really complain. I am sort of enjoying being pregnant... :) Great news that your weight is holding steady.... that is such a stress- i hope i dont dissapoint at my next appt! haha kudos to you for going natural - you are a tough cookie! epidural all the way for me- hehe have any of you guys been experiencing regular braxton hicks? I am not- in fact, I dont believe I have ever felt them.....


michelleishopeful - November 30

Hey there, ladies! Sorry that is has been so long. My daughter is getting HUGE. My doc keeps getting more and more surprised everytime I see her. My daughter is over 5lbs. now. Doc officially changed my due date. January 4th I am having another ultrasound to see how large my baby is. If my daughter is as big as the doc thinks she will be I will be scheduled for a C-section for sure. If not, I am at the moment, schedule for induction on January 12th. 6 weeks away...how did the time go by that FAST?! How are you ladies?


PinkAmerican - December 1

Hi there you two other die hard preggo ladies. Rpats: I 'think' I've had some Braxton Hicks, but they aren't much to speak of if I have. Mostly a tightening feeling. Most of my discomfort comes in the form of RIBS...my uterus is shoved right up under them and they hurt pretty much all the time. Maybe after 7 more weeks of this I'll be desensitized to pain. I do believe when I begin labor I'll be deliriously happy because I know that within hours I'll be able to breath again, lay on my stomach, slouch, whatever...and of course have my baby :) I'm glad that pregnancy has been relatively issue free for me, but I'm ready for it to be over when it's ready to be over. Hopefully he'll be ready to make an appearance a little early. We'll see. STill swimming and staying as active as I can. I don't know how working ladies do it! I could if I had to, but am glad I had the choice not to work throughout pregnancy. Anywho, warm early holiday wishes :)


rpats - December 1

Oh check you out PinkAmerican! Lucky lady to be home :) I am still working, and plan on working right up until the due date. I work for a financial company on wall street- so not alot of mercy shown there! I get 3 months of maternity leave, so the less I take before the baby, the more I have after :) I am glad you are doing well... ahh- sleeping on my stomach sounds like a dream. hehe Michelle- wow....sooner than expected huh! How does your doc measure how much your baby weighs? I asked my doc last week and she said the baby was about 3lbs- but that is just the average size of a baby at 32 weeks I believe. she wasnt speaking of my baby personally.....


michelleishopeful - December 1

PinkAmerican I applaude you for your continuous activity! Sounds like you are keeping healthy and happy. :) It sounds like things are working out great for you. rpats it sounds like you are keeping yourself pretty busy as well. Whew, you ladies are amazing. Hehe. Rpats, about my doctor knowing the weight of the baby...she is going off of my last ultrasound and measuring my daughter as she progresses in size. Doc is smart, I wish I could say I knew exactly everything, just that my daughter is going to be huge. It's weird because as of today I have gained 20lbs even for 34 weeks. My doctor thinks I am further along, not sure how this works out, but I'll take it if it means I meet my daughter sooner and NEXT month. We are all so close! And we can finally say we will be mums next month. How crazy fast have these last months gone by?! Whew! Hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful time of year!


rpats - December 2

ah- i see. My doc is awesome... but she doesnt take the time out to look that far into things. I did ask her how much she thought the baby weighed at my 31 week visit, and she said "around 3lbs" which was basically the general average... hahaha i will be 33 weeks tomorrow, and as per last week, i have gained about 18lbs... and my doc said she wants me to be very careful with what i eat and continue my treadmill visits at least 3 times a week. the odd thing is my appet_te has not changed one bit. i still eat the same quant_ties of food i always did. i do drink more milk... and mayeb allow myself to indulge in more sweets than before.. but still not drastically different. guess time will tell how much of this weight is the baby!


rpats - December 7

so ladies- how are your babies currently positioned? when i went to the doc 2 weeks ago, at 32 weeks, the baby was still breech.... i go back this week for my 34 week visit... but she did tell me that i should feel it when the baby turns.... i havent felt anything yet... i know i have time... but then I ran into a colleague of mine that is just a week ahead of me and she said her baby had turned a week ago...starting to make me nervous.. i know they are all different, and they will turn when ready... but darn! tried not to think of the possibility of a C all this time.... but now it's time to start thinking! UGH


PinkAmerican - December 7

Hi there, Touching base...went in for my 34weeks today...seems baby is slowing up his pace. He'd been measuring big for this entire pregnancy but the midwife measured my uterus as right on target. My dreams of an early birth are slipping away. Total weight gain is 18.5lbs...that's up 3.5 in the past 3 weeks. Since 28weeks they've told me he's head down. From his movements I believe it. Rpats, there are some things you can try on your own to turn the baby. There's a technique called 'spinning'...search for it online. My doula recommends putting ice on the lower abdomen to discourage feet down or play music quietly by the pelvic area to 'attract' the baby. She made these recs for a friend of ours whose baby is breech. Also, you can see an acupuncturist. There's a point that's supposed to be VERY good to get the baby to turn. I've been going to an acupuncturist for two years now and she's mentioned it a number of times. Research backs up what she's told be. Other things to do: get on all four every night for 5-10 minutes and let your belly hang. Arch and flex your back. Part of 'spinning' is to lower your top half down to your elbows but keep your hips up...this allows baby some extra room to turn if it wants to. Don't lose faith yet!


rpats - December 10

ooh awesome... was just about to start doing some research. saw something on dr. oz yesterday about belly dancing moves that help turn the baby. haha looks like i am going to have to get creative. I went in yesterday for my 34 week... still breech :( doc seemed a little saddened...almost annoyed me that she wasnt more positive about it. only after i said i was nervous about the baby not turning in time did she squeeze out a weak "well you still have a little time". lol she is a generally laid back person, so i guess i shouldnt be surprised that she is not too alarmed,...but i woulda been okay with her being alarmed this time! haha i have gained 24lbs... YIKES! odd- i have never felt nauseous a day in this pregnancy, but the past two days i have felt SO nauseous... havent eaten dinner in two days... just cant eat. the site of a plate of food makes me sick. havent actually gotten sick... just feel unsettled. and i can hear squeaking and gugling coming from inside my tummy. very weird. feel better today... I just really feel for all the ladies that had nausea throughout the 9 months.... cuz that would suck!


rpats - December 11

alright ladies.. i finally bit the bullet and got my H1 shot last night! i was so nervous, and so on the fence about whether to get it or not... finally just did it! No sore arm or any side effects yet.... :) knock on wood!


michelleishopeful - December 14

Hello ladies! Sorry I've been offline for a while...Rpats, sorry to hear about the breech situation, however the doctor is supposed to try and do whatever he/she can in order to turn the baby at labor. I hope your little one turns soon! He/she may just not be ready yet. :)Also, I'm glad ya made your mind on the h1n1 shot, it's tough to just make a decision. Hope you don't have any side effects! Just got out of my 34 week doc appointment and all is well. Baby is growing well and doc says I'm still on for my January 12th induction..doc's afraid that DD will be too large to have naturally. So far I'm READY for this last month to be over! It seems DD is living in my ribs, not just making jabs at them and for some reason my stomach has decided it hates dairy. I've been up for a few days as I cannot seem to fall asleep and the back is giving me rough time, however as much as I complain I am truly thankful for the little/huge kicks and I know I'll miss them. Weird to think this time next month I'm going to be a mom..just so crazy! We all will be moms!


rpats - December 15

hey Michelle! Good to hear from you. I know! i had a rough night last night... just couldnt get comfortable... and i think i made like 5 trips to the bathroom- always thinking I had to go more than I really did. hate those fake outs! Yes- recently my stomach has been a wreck! very diff bowel movements - LOL sorry, TMI i know... just very strange. guess the lil one wants to clear out any waste! hahahaha Yes- still breech.... i havent felt a large enough movement to think the baby has turned in the past week... but we will see what happens when i go in for my 36 week next week. My mother in law saw me twice last week and she was surprised the second time, because she said my stomach lowered quite a bit... guess I didnt really notice... but then when i looked it did look smaller? i dont feel like the baby is really sitting any lower... so not sure what is going on... not sure if he/she turned or dropped, or its all in my head. haha. Just thought that if the baby dropped I would feel a bit more discomfort as he/she would be sitting so low.... i do feel more movement on my right side for some reason, maybe he/she is sideways??? LOL who knows! Yes- my doc didnt have much to say about the breech position, except that at my next appt she would be sure I was in the ultrasound room so I am hoping she will react a bit more to the position issue next week. If not, i will surely ask her what she plans on doing about it....I did make it clear that a C was not my preference. And you nailed it Michelle! I was thinking the other day that I will kind of miss the feeling of having him/her inside me... but then I guess they will be sitting in my arms instead! :)


michelleishopeful - December 16

Ah! More sleepless nights..cannot wait til she is here! I think that the baby has dropped..if you don't know what that means I guess it's when the baby drops lower on to the bladder and you feel more pressure down there, ha. It's fun...not. ;) I've started to have slight random cramping, not like period cramps, just really mild but noticeable. My stomach feels and looks lower..so weird! Anyone else "dropped" yet? I'm curious to know! I'm only a little over 34 weeks..crazy! I was talking with DH last night and he told me on a walk last night "Hey Michelle? Can I tell you something? I have been meaning to tell you this for a while, but I didn't want you to think I knew all what I was talking about but...I think we are going to have a December baby!" I was just kinda thrown off, I wasn't expecting him to say that..maybe how he was afraid to hold our daughter or tired of me complaining about all the "woes" of being pregnant, but I was not expecting him to tell me about us possibly having a December baby. Anyhoo, I called my mum to tell her what DH said and my mum told me that she thought the same thing along with all of my friends and family in Oregon! I was like "What?! Why didn't you just tell me? It's not like it's a huge deal?" So...long story short, all of my friends and family believe that we are going to have a December/New Years baby...crazy! That's like...2 weeks away.... Rpats, I'm sorry about the Breech, you'll be in my prayers..move baby move! Turn around! Haha..hope the best for ya :)


PinkAmerican - December 16

Hey ladies :) Rpats I'm thinking head down thoughts for you :) Hope there's some progress on that matter...keep trying different positions. Michelle, I don't know if my baby has dropped, but there's definitely something different going on with things in the last 5 days or so. Definitely more bladder pressure, rib pain is out of control, and having occasional crampy like feelings. Also, i keep getting this weird pressure sensation on the back side of my pubic bone. Sometimes it startles me with its suddenness. Also, baby's hanging out more in the middle most days. I have suspicions about having a Dec baby myself...but if he's not here by the 31st (which will put me at 37wks 2 days) then I'll expect him within a week of his due date (Jan 19). I'm looking forward to him sliding out and this being over. I haven't hated pregnancy, but I'm done with it. I count my blessings, however, that this has been a relatively stress-free journey for me. And at 35wks 1day, still no stretch marks! (knocks on wood). Take care ladies. I'm off to acupuncture.


rpats - December 17

no stretch marks! you lucky duck. i have a few.... thanks.... i have to try the heating pad/ice pack thing.... hopefully tonight. Do any of you ladies feel like your stomaches have gotten smaller? i swear i look down, and it seems to be smaller... and i know i havent lost any weight! haha maybe the baby dropped? i dont feel any discomfort between my legs though.... who knows. guess the doc can solve the mystery for me at my appt next week. a dec baby pinkamerican! wow. i know i have been trying to prepare myself for that just in case. my neighbor had a baby in September- she had him 3 weeks early! she had had a doc appt the same day with her OB and her OB told her her cervix was closed and she was on point to carry the delivery through another few weeks. she went home and her water broke that same night! crazy!



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