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rpats - December 17

no stretch marks! you lucky duck. i have a few.... thanks.... i have to try the heating pad/ice pack thing.... hopefully tonight. Do any of you ladies feel like your stomaches have gotten smaller? i swear i look down, and it seems to be smaller... and i know i havent lost any weight! haha maybe the baby dropped? i dont feel any discomfort between my legs though.... who knows. guess the doc can solve the mystery for me at my appt next week. a dec baby pinkamerican! wow. i know i have been trying to prepare myself for that just in case. my neighbor had a baby in September- she had him 3 weeks early! she had had a doc appt the same day with her OB and her OB told her her cervix was closed and she was on point to carry the delivery through another few weeks. she went home and her water broke that same night! crazy!


PinkAmerican - December 28

Hey ladies, Quick update...went in for 37 weeks this morning. Cervix check shows no dilation, but it is mushy, so that's good. Group B strep is neg, so that's good too. I was asked again about getting an estimated fetal weight ultrasound done and I asked why...apparently at my 21 week US when the tech said he was big she meant 95th percentile big. My fundal height is only 38cm/wks and my total weight gain is 23lbs, so clearly I'm not looking exceptionally large. Guess they want to see if of that 23lbs baby is as 7 or 15 (I exaggerate)...so going in an hour for the US. Will let you ladies know. If they say 11lbs or less est for birth I'm still going Vag...my mom did it, so can I. Beyond that I may have to consider the alternatives. Anywho, hope your holidays are going well.


rpats - January 4

Hello Hello Ladies - we are in January! Everyone counting down the days? I hope everyone is still feeling well! My latest and greatest update... I am at 37.5 weeks today, and the baby is still breech..... so when i go in for my weekly tomorrow the OB should have a date for me - she was working on scheduling the OR for a C-section for me at 39 weeks... :( kinda bummed... didnt want a C.... but guess we cant choose these things right? All that matters is that the baby is healthy right! How are all of you holding up?


PinkAmerican - January 4

Good to hear from you, rpats...bummer about baby being breech still...hope the c-section goes well. For sure you'll be having your baby sooner than I. I'm at 38 weeks now, so starting the 30-day window countdown. 15 in either direction of EDD right? US confirmed a baby in the 96th percentile...so he's like better than 8lbs as of a week ago. Consulting doc said he shouldn't be more than 10lbs on the outside. Whatever. I was 11lbs and I came out, so I figure anything less I can do it...just won't be as easy peasy as I'd hoped. Otherwise I'm doing fine. Just had my b-day on the 2nd and have nothing to look forward to except little man's arrival. He's spending a LOT of time twisting his head into my pelvic floor...I think he's trying to engage...wish he'd do it more when I wasn't trying to sleep, but that's seriously the worst of it. Take care ladies :)


rpats - January 6

hey PinkAmerican! aww.. that is cute. I was telling my husband, tjhat since the baby never turned, we never got to experience the feeling of the feet actually kicking on TOP of my stomach where i could see them... i only feel the kicks down below where i cannot see a thing! haha So I had my appt last night and it looks like i will be having my C section in two weeks time at exactly 40 weeks..... although I didnt want a C... i am kinda getting used to the idea of knowing exactly when and where it will all go down (if all goes as planned).... Glad you are not too uncomfortable yourself... the countdown for you begins! where will you be when the moment arrives?? haha I cant believe how fast the time went by...


PinkAmerican - January 29

Hi ladies....wanted to post a quick update...hopefully his finds you with your babe in arms already :) My LO, Langdon, entered the world 4 days past EDD. After 48hrs of unproductive, but completely tolerable labor, my midwives stopped it with a shot of something to stop the contractions and a shot of morphine to make me sleep. Baby was head down, but wasn't in exactly the right position so I hadn't dilated, effaced or anything. After some much needed sleep, the contractions started up again around 4am on the 23rd...though still very far apart. By 10am they were consistently less than 3mins apart, but still very manageable...by 12noon we called our doula over and decided it was time to go back to the med center. They checked me near 1pm and I was at 5cm with bulging waters...had to be clear with the triage nurse not to accidentally break them. Got checked in and labored with increasing discomfort only in my hips (thank god for counter pressure and breathing-through). The first time I looked at the clock it was near to 5pm...that's when I started thinking 'how much worse will this get?' And I started feeling some pressure. My midwife checked me...I was 9 3/4cm...and at that time my water broke. I labored 20mins on my left side on the bed to get rid of a small cervical lip...then rolled to my right for 20mins. I really had to 'push' around 6pm...after a few contractions they rolled me to my back at an incline and had me put my feet up on the squat bar and pull myself up with a knotted sheet. This part was hard work, but not anywhere near as scary or painful (almost pain free which was soooo weird) as I thought. They saw the crown of his head shortly and started saying...'okay with the next one he'll be out.' I'm not lying. As each contraction came and went I looked at the clock...nearly 30 mins pa__sed with his heading crowning...thank god though as his head circ_mference was 37cm! I only received a 2nd degree tear and a tiny tear just inside my 'v'. I went MED FREE as I had hoped...I'm so glad for that too. I was totally cracking jokes right after and up on my feet to use the bathroom within the hour. Anywho, Langdon Thomas Singh was born at 6:39pm on Jan 23...8lbs 4oz....21in long...and perfect. Hope things are well with you! Signing off.


angelmarkie - January 29

I'm not due until May 4th, but I love reading baby stories! Congrats!


rpats - February 5

Congrats Pink!!! I had a baby GIRL:) My C-section was also not as bad as expected.... but i def took the drugs of course... haha and they worked miracles. My mid section is still a bit numb, its been 2 weeks... but my nerves are obviously still shot.... So far motherhood has been great... and she has been a an angel.... b___stfeeding... well thats a whole nother story. haha but that too is getting better as time pa__ses.... this all still seems a bit surreal to me :)


PinkAmerican - February 5

Rpats, Was wondering if you want to connect somewhere other than here since this place has kind of exceeded its usefulness. I'm over at Facebook...you can look me up by my first name...Jarucia. I'm the only one there. Feel free to connect with me.


dreamy2433 - February 25

congrats to all the new mommies. Come chat with other moms who had babies the same time at chatterscene dot com



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