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moe - November 17

Hello everyone i am due Jan 10-15th, I am 32 weeks and we are on the home stretch!! I can't wait to see our baby! This is my 3rd and we are expecting a girl, and we have 2 boys. Just wanted to start a new thread, we don't have too much longer and we get to eat all the holiday foods!! Yummy!! When are you due and how far along are you??


Samantha - November 17

Hi Moe! :) I am due the 26th of January, so that puts me at 30 wks and 2 days! :) I am having a boy!! I think the quota for girls was full..haha... Congrats on your pregnancy! Take it easy...


Dani - November 17

Moe- I am Due Jan. 8th :) getting ready to hit 33 wks mark, i think..? Kinda lost count.. anyone already do there baby shower yet? Mine is this Saturday. Got lots of ppl coming, im excited :)


Charity - November 17

I'm due January 23 and the calander says I'm 30 weeks. They say it's a girl. I'm ready to get this show on the road!!


Wanda - November 17

Hi Mo- Im 33 wks- due Jan 3, but baby is breeched and if he doesnt turn -he'll be here the last week of January.They had a surprise shower for me at work today- it was great!!!!! How is everyone feeling? Good Luck to all!!!!


Michelle - November 17

Hi Moe, Samantha, Charity and Wanda! I am due Jan 23rd as well, but going for a second c-section so I will probably be going in before then. 30 weeks for me and feel like I will explode soon.. not much skin left to stretch. No shower yet here. Not sure if I will have one. I was told that we are having a little boy. Good luck to all!


jamie - November 17

Hi~ I'm 28 weeks and 4 days today!! due: January 30th w/ baby girl! it's our 1st baby and we're soo ready to see her and be done with this pregnancy stuff!


Swtpea - November 18

*waves* I'm due the first week of Jan. 'ish lol, its been a trial to find the due date. Anyways I'm 33wks this week. Dr. aptmnt on Monday. I am having my first baby, a boy, and we are naming him Nicholas Mark. Congrats to all of you =o) ... we are almost there. *hugs*


Kaeli - November 18

Hello all, I am 33.5 weeks and pregnant with my first baby!! We are having a little boy and I cant wait!! He is due sometime between Jan 2nd and 6th.. they cant seem to tell me which, it changes everytime I go in!! I must say, as much as I have loved being pregnant, I am sooo ready for him to just get here. I dont think my belly or my back can take much more!! Good luck all!


Hanna - November 18

Hey there! I am due Jan. 20th. And I absolutely understand your impatience! I am so looking forward to our baby boy!! I wish you all the best of pregnancies.


kaitlin - November 18

I'm due first week of January (Jan. 3rd) or before (long story). Baby is breech at the moment but I'm only 33.5 weeks so still time to move. Can't wait to have the baby out of me and in my arms instead. Anyone else getting nervous about it all?


sarah - November 18

hi everyone*s*.We're due 12th january, our first, and can't wait to meet this wriggly little person!!! Good luck everyone*s*


Michelle - November 18

Hello Ladies! How is everyone tonight?


Michelle - November 18

Hello Ladies! How is everyone tonight? Not too bad here. The weather was very nice today so I took the little one for a walk. I think she is not so excited to be getting a sibling. She is such a daddy's girl. I bought her a little night light for Christmas with little kitties on it. Have a great night and sleep well. *Sorry for the othert post... i hit enter.. oops*


mother777 - November 18

hi my first due date was jan 15th then the 10th. i am having a c-section at 39 weeks. so i guess i am 31 or 32 weeks. this is my third, and they say it is a girl. i can't wait. i wish she was here with us now, and besides i can't wait until my stomach goes down. i can hardly breathe. i have a baby shower thread on this site. anyway, mines is dec 11th and about 50 people was invited. my we all have a happy, healthly and safe delivery. maybe we can all count down together.


DANA - November 19



Michelle - November 20

How are all the mommy's today? I am not too bad, my first little one is having a bad day, she is 15 months. I just hope she doesn't try anything bad to her new little brother to come. She is learning so fast! Time is going by so fast, to think.. in just a couple months we are all going to have tiny little babies!! I am excited and nervous all over again! Hope your weekend goes well!



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