January Mommies

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mrose - October 10

I wasn't sure if any of you January moms were here yet? I'm due January 7th, am 27 weeks 2 days, wasn't sure if 3rd trimester starts at 27 weeks or 28 weeks? Oh well, close enough! I was wondering if you ladies wanted to start a forum to discuss our ups and downs of this final trimester?


kristyn1028 - October 10

Im 27 weeks this week and was wondering when to jump over here as well...Now sounds good to me!! Im due Jan 11 with a girl...What about you?? do you know the s_x? I think starting a forum sounds great!


mrose - October 10

I'm having a little girl also :-) Everyone I know that is due in January is having a girl! Have you picked out a name yet? We have picked out Starlena Jade


Shagen McBride - October 10

Hi ladies! I'm 28 weeks tomorrow and due on January 3rd. We are having a girl as well. I can't wait!!! If you're interested there is a great group on MSN called January 2008 Babies. If not then here is good too! I have a feeling this is going to be the most exciting and question filled trimester so we need all the support we can get!!


nekilaki - October 10

Hi January Mommies. I'm 28 weeks today and due on Jan 2nd. I hate to break the girl pattern, but we're expecting a baby boy! I too was wondering when to jump over here, so I'm glad you started this thread mrose! Happy baby baking!


kristyn1028 - October 10

We picked out Ava Elise...I love it!! Starlena Jade is adorable too!! nekilaki- i think you are the only one I've seen so far that is having a boy in January, but thats a good thing!! I was starting to wonder!! I hope this last trimester goes by fast, I can't wait to have her. My baby shower is coming up, so hopefully all those gifts will fill up some of the time!!


kaitlin - October 10

I'm due January 13th but having a planned c-section earlier. We're expecting a boy as well, so you're not the only one, nekilaki.


Tory1980 - October 10

I am due the 10th January. Have no idea on s_x and it is my fourth baby. The third Trimester starts at 27weeks but different people count it at different weeks - some will say 28weekd but we are close enough!


January - October 10

May I suggest the name January? lol It's worked well for me. Congrats all your new 3rd tri girls.. welcome to the third trimester!!


evae777 - October 10

Hi everyone, i am due january 12th and it is a boy, we are naming him "Jack." by the way Ava Elise is a gorgeous name!! and Starlena is adorable! We picked Jack because we couldn't agree on anything else. Plus it seems like a pretty solid name... even though i used to have a dog named Jack, but i guess i will get over it :D How is everyone doing so far? feeling better than the first trimester?!?! and who is going to be a stay home mom versus a working mom??


evae777 - October 10

also, since I am having a boy, i guess we don't need any girl names, but if I had a girl i was going to name her Evon. Pronounced kinda like Yvonne, but the Y sound replaced with a soft E. It is a rare name and it is French. Please use it if you like it, we may not have another child!


baileygirl - October 10

im due january 13


kristyn1028 - October 10

Thanks evae77!!! I heard Ava and just had to use it!! Jack's cute, I had a cat named that once, guess its good for pets and babies!! Im feeling great, I've only gained a total of 4 lbs this pregnancy and Im not very big at all yet, but we'll see how big I am in the end!! First Trimester sucked!! I was really sick all the time!! And grumpy, and tired..it was ridiculous! I'd cry over everything!! Luckily that has stopped....haha


Kira_lynn - October 11

wow look at all the january mommies! Im due Jan. 13th with a boy. I love the names you guys have picked out. We decided with Robert. Its dh's dads name and we love it. We havent told any of his family, not until baby arrives. This is my first baby but 3rd pregnancy. I lost one at 13weeks and one at 18weeks. So i've been on pins and needles for awhile. Oh and im planning on being a stay-at-home mom and i like the idea of homeschooling. Im already on pregnancy leave, i have 65weeks. (canada girl here= 15weeks sick leave and 50 weeks of maternity) I had some early issues with my health, but im all better and super ready for this baby!!


star_eyes - October 11

Hi Evae, to answer your question, I am currently working and will be a SAHM once the baby gets here. I cannot wait!! What a change in lifestyle. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity. And yes, I'm definitely feeling better than the first trimester although I think I felt the best during the second trimester so far. I'm already noticing some third trimester ailments. It's all worth it in the end I'm sure!


mrose - October 11

Wow, there's alot of us January mommies already here! That's wonderful! I'll only be taking 6 weeks off after baby is born, however, I manage my mothers retail lingerie store and will be bringing her to work with me as much as possible until she's about 6 months old. DH has two days off a week and will keep her then. Where is everyone from? I'm from North Carolina, on the coast.


kaitlin - October 11

Hi evae777 - we're thinking of naming our son Jack as well, but my husband likes the name James. Not sure. I like both, but we have others in our family named James, so I prefer Jack. Great choice, by the way!



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