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Angelttc2 - November 2

Hey everyone! How is everything going? I'm doing good...had doctors appt yesterday and us on Monday. Baby at 29 weeks was measuring 3 lb 6 oz., still a girl (Yay!), and healthy! Doctor is still saying that we might deliver early. Well, just wanted to check on everyone...hope all is well. Angel


Jenny2 - November 2

Hi! i'm due January 13 or 16- conflicting dates but close enough! I'm getting really excited- i finally feel that its close enough to start ordering baby stuff! Pregnancy has been a breeze so far, Thank G-d! (work and school hasn't!) I have a u/s appointment in 2.5 weeks to see how much the baby weighs, and just pa__ses my glucose test with flying colours. is this your first? and why does the doc think you'll deliver early?


ange1 - November 2

Hi! i'm due on jan 25th so at 27 wks right now. i have my glucose test next wed. i just hope it doesnt make me sick because i've just recently started to feel better. last night my bf sd he marked on his calendar 85 more days. i sd please dont tell me that. it sounds better if you just say 12 wks. i am trying to enjoy this last stretch but i just feel so uncomfortable at times. i haven't gained too much weight and i'm all tummy but i feel like i waddle already and i now have to roll off the bed in the morning. but i'd prefer the baby to go all the way to term and be healthy. i'll just have to suck this up or a few more months.i always thought i wanted kids back to back but i think i could definetly wait another 3 or 4 yrs to have another. well good luck!


brandyterrence - November 2

Hi, I had my 28 wk u/s Mon and finally found out that we are having a girl! I'm so glad b/c I have a 5 year old son already. Don't know about the glucose test yet. Can't wait. They put my due date at Jan 17 but doc says since my first was alittle early, that could be a possibility as well


Anon - November 3

Hi lAdies, im due Jan 12 and i cant wait. Exactly 10 weeks to go (well i say 10 weeks) guess he will come when he is ready. I am having a baby boy :) my 3rd little boy and im so looking forward to it. My 1st Boy was born the day after his EDD, 2nd was born a week before his EDD. Im hoping this one isnt late :P


Angelttc2 - November 3

Hi again...Jenny, this is my second...have six year old son whose bday is Jan 8...my original due date is Jan 12, but baby has measured large the whole time and my doc anticipates an early delivery. Work is going ok...I work 12 hour shifts in an ER...my feet tend to be pretty swollen by the time I get home. Can't wait for January though!!


Nell143 - November 3

Hi everyone I am due January 10th... however I have this feeling that she will be here by christmas... anyone else feel this way?


DisneyG1979 - November 3

IM due the 28th of Jan but I feel like he maybe here around xmas also. I will only be 35 weeks but I keep having this dream that my water breaks as im cleaning up after xmas dinner at my in laws. But after the c___ppie time i have had with this boy inside me I will be glad just to be able to make it to 35 weeks. I was scared for along time I wouldnt even make it to 30. So Well see!!!! Good luck all you other ladies.


hollyg - November 3

I'm due the same day as Nell, Jan. 10. We just had another ultrasound this morning to check on Placenta location. Everything looks good so far. Did anyone else think their baby looked cute on the ultrasound? I have always thought they all looked alike in them and the face shots were kind of scary (alien-like) but, honestly, I think ours was cute! We could see chubby cheeks and everything; it looked just like a doll's face! I think I've had a very easy pregnancy, just starting to get uncomfortable. I have the WORST pain under the right side of my ribs. It kills me at work and it's getting worse by the hour...I'm not sure how much longer I can handle it. Anyone else experience this? Is it a pinched nerve?


musicaladdie - November 3

Hi all, I'm due January 13th. We're having a little girl. We haven't been told about her weight yet and I am not sure if I'm getting another ultrasound. I don't know if that is common practice...But we're excited and a part of me kinda hopes she's a little early but it's my first so I guess I'll just have to wait until she is ready.


Nell143 - November 3

Hi Holly sounds like you have toes in your ribs I have the same pain but in my left rib. Just try rubbing in a downward motion... or lay on the opposite site to knock the baby off balance. I had the 4D ultrasound done... it wasn't in a dr.'s office though. wanna check out my little brenya? www.babybrenya.piczo.com remove any dashes.


Tara S - November 5

Hi ladies, i am due Jan 15,but will be having this baby on Jan 11 by cesarean. Nell, got my 3D,4D ultrasound pictures done last week and they turned out awesome. We are having a baby girl and I can't wait until January to meet her.My little girl loves to snuggle her placenta and play with her toes. Anyone starting to feel awkward with this bump in the way? Im having a hard time bending over and getting out of bed already .


Jenny2 - November 6

Hi everyone! angel-this is my first. i can't wait for my scan in 2 weeks. I'm kinda getting a little worried because i'm pretty small and my bump just doesn't seem to be getting any significantly bigger. women usually say by this time, the babies movements slow down because theres not enough room. well, my little guy seems to have no problems doing his impressive gymnastics. Tara- i totally relate. Now that the weathers getting cold, i started wearing tights. Well, i was totally unprepared for how hard they would be to get on!!! its really hard to bend down. i'm gonna get to a point were hubby's gonna have to do it for me. what are you ladies doing about winter coats?


chrissi79 - November 6

Hi Angel, I'm 28wks now and due January 30th...can't believe I'm into the 3rd trimester now!!! Yikes!!! Feel like we are so not prepared!!! Just finished the paint job in the nursery but still need the furniture and EVERYTHING else (ie from the registry!!) We do have our crib but no mattress (my uncle built it for us!), and I just wish things would start rolling so to speak...we have our prenatal cla__ses on the 18th and 19th, so those should be interesting! I have to go for my lovely glucose test this week (tomorrow or wednesday), hopefully that goes smoothly, do NOT want to have to go back for more screening. How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling BIG! LOL 25lbs so far!! eeeeeeeee


Angelttc2 - November 6

Hey all! How is everything going? I'm doing good. Had a stomach virus or something over the weekend, but feeling much better now. Holly, Nell, I totally understand the sore ribs. Mine tends to stay in my right rib cage...I can't sit up for long periods of time without getting that soreness from her kicking :)!! I have to stand or stretch out. Jenny I know what you mean about bending over...my 6 year old son helps me put on my shoes sometimes lol. I just keep thinking...only 10 weeks to go at the most. Chrissi good luck with your glucose test. The worst part for me was not being able to eat and then drinking that sugary drink...gave me a bit of a headache. I've gained about 22 lbs so far...hoping not to gain too much more;). I guess we'll see how that goes. ~Angel


brandyterrence - November 6

I also feel like I'm going to go around Christmas too. (I'm hoping) My due date is the 17th but my birthday is on the 13th so I'm hoping to have her before my birthday comes around. We just can't wait til she gets here.


Nell143 - November 6

I feel you all on the bending over.. it is almost impossible... I bought slip on shoes just for that. It doesn't get too cold here in Vegas so I am not too worried about needing a winter coat. Chrissi the glucose is easy just make sure you fast before hand though. I have gained 35 lbs so far. It is insane but at my last appointment I didn't gain anything so YAY for me. It is going to be tough not gaining anymore... I mean shoot it is the holidays afterall.



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